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  1. My name is Nikos Dimitriou and recently I published an eBook about what I am actually doing the last 5 years. Typically, I am travelling RTW non-stop in a camper van but basically I am traveliving. So, the eBook is about traveliving, a term which I coined after so long time in the roads of Europe, Africa and America that literally involves long-time, slow travel as well as surviving on the road. In this eBook I tried to summarize all the aspects of how to shape your dream of travelling around the world, find the courage to quit everything, get meticulously prepared for such an adventure as well as survive on the road emotionally & financially. Additionally, my only objective in writing this book is to make my small contribution to the long-standing travellers community. Someone would think that I am trying to promote my book in a big travellers community like this but this is not my point. At this stage, if you think that I am trying to promote my book, please delete my post. I wrote this book while travelling (started and finished writing in Mexico and published while in Colombia). So, I am still an active traveller, not retired and I mainly decided to make this book in order to provide myself with answers after being on the road for so long (thats the romantic side of the story). In the meantime, I decided to include practical information for all of the people who have the same dream: to see the world. Despite the fact that I am not a rider (I still have a Vespa in my garage;-), the book includes info & details for the four basic means of transport that travellers use: car, moto bicycle & backpackers. The decision to travel is always the first that comes before trip planning. I would say is the denominator. Then you pick your vehicle, your equipment, gear and so on. So, I only want to give a little push to the people who are at this stage. By the way, the book has been reviewed, edited and prefaced by Mrs Elsebie Olivier, a former travel gear entrepreneur and current Round-The-World traveller on a motorbike. By the end of December, it will also be available as a hardcopy as well. Totally consciously, I have decided to stay away of popular social media. While traveliving non-stop the last 5 years, we have no facebook, instagram & other social media platforms to promote-advertise-share our trip, experiences, adventures & misfortunes. Instead, we try to spread the word by utilising more traditional -even old school or paleotplithic- methods of communication by sharing it in travel forums, sending mail lists of friends & followers etc. Why? Because we (me & my partner) are romantic & we want to think different ;-) By planting this little seed, we want a pine tree to grow rather than an apple tree. It’s all about the shade, not the “fruits”. Please find all related info here: https://thepinproject.eu/traveliving-a-romantic-practical-guide/ Thank you all for your time. Regards Nikos Dimitriou