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  1. Hey, I'm Dries, originally from Belgium, I met @Eric Hall at Overland Expo last weekend. Gave me a nice sticker and got introduced to this website. So here I am.. I currently have 2x DR650, one for me one for my friends who come and ride.. Did the TransAmerica trail (Philly to San Diego (where I live now) last year with a friend, what a blast and great way to see this country. 5 years ago, I drove my Africa Twin (RD04, 1991) from Belgium to Thailand (20.000 miles 5 month epic trip). On the same Michelin rear tire all the way by the way.. Currently trying to take every opportunity to explore the greater california area (Baja, Nevada, Arizona, ...) on my DR, and slowly preparing to do the alaska - patagonia.. I'm not a great photographer or movie maker, I prefer to be in the moment than behind the camera.. But here is few impression of my trips.. And @dries6 on instagram.. TAT: