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  1. werx

    Cibola, AZ - Dec 31, 2015

    We had a great ride! Here's video of Slab City to Cibola.....less rapping and more riding https://vimeo.com/151237520
  2. werx

    Hello from Idaho

    Welcome Joshua. I lived in Garden Valley and Boise many years ago.
  3. werx

    (Sold) Acerbis hand guards $20

    Are you sure those are legit Acerbis?....the whole set-up looks remarkably close to a set of knock-offs I bought on eBay. What did you pay for them new? What vendor did you get them at? I'm not trying to wreck your sale...I know $20 won't fund your retirement...$20 bucks is a great price even for knock-offs.
  4. Picked me up a Arrow exhaust for $380...woohoo!

  5. werx

    Baja Dec 26-31 or Jan 2

    Please don't cancel this one ....i'm going to pass on the LAB2V to save my "hall pass" for this one....gotta keep the family happy. Pun not intended.
  6. werx

    IMS show in Long Beach Nov 20-22

    I'd love to go, but I have work, bikes, and projects that I'm buried in.....I need to keep my arse in the garage and get some bikes running...and get to riding them, or selling them.
  7. This is my second visit to PSR....both thanks to Mr. Hall... I just wanted to share how awesome the team at PSR is. The photo above is a Tiger 1200 laying down with a holed oil pan, somewhere near the bottom of Saline Valley....see the close up below of a "bash-plate-fail". The crinkled corner of the bash plate damaged the oil pan....and hopefully not the crank case. So....these guys roll in around 8pm ....they've had a long haul back to PSR (couple hours), and need to go back with a truck, ....they explain their dilemma to the PSR folks and what additional tools they need for a long night of repairs, ....a few minutes later, a nice bearded gentleman shows up with a grinder, hacksaw, and extension cord, ....and says, just bring them back when you are done, let me know if you need anything else. I look forward to going back.
  8. I dropped in on RawHyde's California Adventure Rally this weekend in Panamint Valley, CA. The camp looked like a great group of people and a nice variety of bikes. This was the first time I've rode 2-up on the dirt...needless to say I was a bit nervous. After a couple hours of riding and getting used to the weight and getting a feel for the bike, 2-up was actually more fun than I expected.....I was planning to be a nervous wreck the entire time riding 2-up. I was able to cruise quite comfortably, passing Jeeps and kept pace with solo folks riding at a nice easy pace. The worst part was not being able to stand up freely, but it was fine. I just stopped and took a stretch brake more often than I normally would. We had a great time, no spills, the Tiger 800 performed great, and my girlfriend didn't have to sit at home wondering what I was up to. A few photos of the rally are below:
  9. Just curious, what kind of bash plate and engine guards where on the broken crank case?
  10. Hmmm....must be a Death Valley thing....I knocked a nice hole in my case on my first trip up there. Hooray for bringing two bikes !!!
  11. werx

    Gaerne Balance Oiled Boots

    I have a very wide foot and they are comfortable. For their intended purpose I think they are fantastic. They are a trials boot, not an MX boot. Lots of flex, easy to walk in. I worry about maybe needing a heavier boot.....but these have been great so far.
  12. werx

    Carolin Nina Ja

    If I mounted a GoPro watching my ass...would you watch it?...hahaha
  13. werx

    Hola from Louisiana!

    Nice bikes!
  14. werx

    Yes honey, I'd like to go ride in Baja

    The more I ride in Baja the funnier this gets. I'm headed back down in June....better to apologize afterwards than to ask for permission. Actually, take the wife to Coyote Cal's, stay in the Crow's Nest or whatever he calls the top room, and get the wife a massage from Ta....then take off for some riding....