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  1. Tracy Charles


    If taking photos is your means of living....I definitely disagree. Not sure how well it works but there's always watermarking.
  2. Tracy Charles

    Motorrad Angels

    I LOVE what you all were doing ! ❤❤❤ One day I would love to go along on one of these trips!
  3. Tracy Charles


    There are always creepers out there. My daughter set her IG account to private. Whew. FB is the worst. I will accept friendships because their profile pic shows them riding or we have mutual friends. And like @beemer bunny said, within a few days , from some, I have been old I need a good man to take care of me and he is the one, received some rather nasty nudes (altho I think they meant them to be sexy) along with shots of gorgeous women in Bikinis saying good morning. LMAO. Gotta love social media ???❤
  4. Tracy Charles


    HAHAHAHAHAHA! Sorry, but this happens to me all the time. I feel your pain. ?
  5. Tracy Charles

    Laptops to a school in the Jungle of Cambodia?

    WOW! Very cool!
  6. Tracy Charles

    Hi from Canada!

    Thanks @Brad R. Newbie here too! ?
  7. Tracy Charles

    Hi from Canada!

    @motochefarwi Thank you fellow ontarian! What a small world it is! ? @Justin Mackie Nice pics! ?
  8. Tracy Charles

    Hi from Canada!

    YESSSSSSSS! 45 minutes away! And you have a place to stay if you need it. Just me....daughter will be away at University ?
  9. Tracy Charles

    Hi from Canada!

    YAAAAAY Dominique ❤ I finally figured out that I can't use this site very well on my phone.....but works perfectly with the laptop! And YESSSSSSSS.......can't wait for you to start your adventure and follow along. Even if you aren't coming close to me.....I will ride out to meet up with you somewhere ?
  10. Tracy Charles

    ...And Touratech is Bankrupt!

    WOW....unbelievable ?
  11. Tracy Charles

    Hi from Canada!

    This is AWESOME!!!! Great SHOT! ? I LOVE this site. I had problems with it when I used my phone but on my laptop I finally have it figured out lol.
  12. Tracy Charles

    Hi from Canada!

    Huge smile on my face right NOW! Thank you ???
  13. Tracy Charles

    Hi from Canada!

  14. Tracy Charles

    Hi from Canada!

    No mountains in Ontario, but I just finished my first solo trip...11000 kms, through some of the Rockies.....now to figure out how to post them lol
  15. Tracy Charles

    Hi from Canada!

    I have finally found some time to go through and use this site! I am from Ontario Canada and ride a BMW F700GS.....Hopefully this post ends up in the right spot! Looking forward to checking things out! Cheers, Tracy