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    San Diego

    I For sure!
  2. Billy_adv

    San Diego

    Hey Jason, It's also my daily ride, rain or shine.
  3. Billy_adv

    San Diego

    I will definitely try and be there. All depends on next semester's class schedule.
  4. Billy_adv


    https://www.instagram.com/billy_adv/ I'll throw mine in the mix. We're heading from SD to Alaska at the end of the month so I should be able to get more pictures to post.
  5. Billy_adv

    San Diego

    Hey guys, My name is Billy and I'm in San Diego. I currently ride a 1290SA as much off pavement as possible. If anyone is looking to do long camping trips hit me up. So far I'm at 20k miles i less than a year so why not add a few more.