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  1. Motopreneur

    Review of my new Super Tenere

    That's a damn pretty bike! Looks ready for some long haul adventures too with the crashbars and stuff. If you haven't already, check out the review Fortnine did, it's quite amusing.
  2. I had a set with 3 sizes in them, and 2 sets of filters. Tried the smallest but was still not very amusing. But yes, I am slightly more worries of losing the custom ones, but them being attached together with a small string helps. Also, they keep the 3D scan of the plugs at the company I bought them from, so I can order new ones are a reduced price without getting new molds made. But at the bottom line, you're right, earplugs are in the ATGATT list for me :-)
  3. I've always ridden with the Alpine plugs, but I've also ridden with painful ears, even on rides only a few km's long. The plugs are not to blame here, but they are just not suited for me. Last year I had custom earplugs made, which made me discover I have quite narrow earcanals, which also make a more than 90degree turn. This was the reason for the Alpines to be painful and often falling out within a few minutes. So for me, custom plugs are the way to go and would definitely recommend to anyone.
  4. Motopreneur


    Yeah, at least they could arrange the clutch to be fixed (or pay the company that is fixing it at no charge right now) and fix the front-end of the bike. It'll make for better pictures of the GS in the future which in turn they can use for marketing again. Paid this time of course.
  5. Motopreneur

    Did Rev It Step in It?

    That's just about as much of a generalisation as any. Just like not every American is an idiot with a gun not every European (or any other person in our floating rock for that matter) accepts media reporting at face value and doesn't look beyond for context.
  6. Motopreneur

    Did Rev It Step in It?

    Both my first and current gear are from Rev'it although I have and do own gear from other brands, so no specific brand loyalty here. I'm quite curious to see if Rev'it reacts to this, but am not inclined to have these kind of comments influence my next purchase. I very much disagree with the comment itself (as far as it matters, I'm Dutch too), but I consider it probably not very serious, a generalisation and most importantly personal and unrelated to the brand. I would be far more inclined to consider not buying from companies that actively support the closing of trails than from companies that have an type-first-think-later employee working for them.
  7. Motopreneur

    Videos of Big Bikes Being Ridden Well!

    That looks amazing, and so awesome you won too! Congratulations @isaac!
  8. Motopreneur

    '08 BMW R1200GSA headlight

    Got around to swapping it yet? I've been meaning to switch out my lowbeam for something brighter and whiter. The Revamp headlight had a kind of weird setup IMO (but I'm no export) with a halogen lowbeam and HID Xenon highbeam.
  9. Motopreneur

    Videos of Big Bikes Being Ridden Well!

    That's some impressive riding @isaac!
  10. Motopreneur

    Chickens roosting?

    Based on the mentioned final photo I'm guessing they mean the gully (caused by erosion) running accross the trail on which he hit the rearwheel. I do wonder if them mentioning Kellon jumping the GS has anything to do with it though.
  11. Motopreneur

    Chickens roosting?

  12. Motopreneur


  13. Motopreneur


    I was getting curious about the GSA but it took me quite some scrolling in your IG feed before finding it ... It is pretty though.
  14. Motopreneur

    Videos of Big Bikes Being Ridden Well!

    I'm terribly picky about gloves, if there's just a little bit tension between my thumb and indexfinger cramp is guaranteed. Not going to discuss control with my wintergloves, but for summer I recently bought a pair of Rev'it Striker 2's which I'm really happy with, and they're thin and supple enough to not compromise control IMHO.
  15. Motopreneur

    Hellooo XLADV'ers!

    Don't worry about it, about 3 more posts and you'll be an advanced member as well... Nothing a few beers can't handle ;-)