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  1. Welcome @Justin Mackie! Also, have a look here:
  2. Damn that's a pretty bike!
  3. I saw the video on IG earlier. The thought 'wow, I hope he got his stanchions fixed' did cross my mind first, but other than that it's a nice video. So regarding the GS's brand image: Yes, I immediately thought about the stanchion issue For the people how are actually taking their GS's offroad more then perhaps onroad, their thoughts about the newer GS's might be in line with yours @Eric Hall, being that the newer models might be steering away from their offroad character There are more then ever good or maybe better alternatives on the market, both comparable (KTM 1290) as more offroad oriented (KTM 1090, Honda AT, you name it). I think it's probably only natural that the GS brand is loosing marketshare. The stanchion issue will probably speed things up a little, but nevertheless, it will happen. Having said all of the above, I've read the comments in IG and some people will always express their opinions in stronger fashion than I find necessary, generalising, or respond in context of some kind of misplaced fandom.
  4. Awesome opportunity! as I think the 1200GS is in an entire different category, I'm specifically curious to how it compares to the 990. Also, if you remember this last line regarding what bike journey brought me to my current bike:
  5. I'm really hoping these tires will make it to my country (Netherlands). Currently you can only get the in Spain and Greece, which just a little out of the way ;-). They seem a good option for me.
  6. Welcome to the forum!
  7. Just thought I'd leave this here... worth the watch.
  8. So not too long ago I bought the R1150GSA, but before that I rode a Ducati Multistrada 1000DS. And I rode it pretty much as an adventurebike for as much as it would allow me. Since I posted images of this on Instagram quite often, I'd get the occasional 'disapproving' comments mentioning either outright or between the lines it's not an adventurebike. Probably won't have to tell you the motorcyclejournalists didn't seem to think so either, seeing the pretty much all write the same thing: It's called Multistrada, but you better just stay on tarmac and it's a great bike. And even the guys at an organised offroad event openly questioned my sanity as I drove up on the Multi. Back to Instagram, I've been seeing quite a few images on adventurebike-dedicated accounts of for example the Kawasaki Versys 1000, which seems to be considered an adventurebike At least by those IG-accounts. So all this made me wonder; why is the Multistrada often condemned as being a longlegged streetbike even though it has more groundclearance than the Versys and roughly the same suspentiontravel? Same goes for e.g. the Vstrom1000 (earlier models). I agree that the wider tyres on the Duc are definitely more road oriented and it will never be able to do the same things offroad as a KTM/GS/AT, but still... Keeping in mind that when the first GS's arrived on stage, the journalists didn't think much of it either.
  9. I'm number 151.... woohoo . Just went through the entire thread, interesting stuff in the sense that is amazes me how people can react when for example you're not reposting their images enough. I joined IG just over a year ago when I was looking to get a new bike, and wanting to start a motovlog. The time to actually do the motovlogs has slowly deminished after doing only 8 videos, so really can't call that endeavour very 'successful' although I did have a lot of fun making them. So back to IG, I really like the way it enables connecting to likeminded people. I did however recently decide to unfollow a number of accounts that never attributed their reposts. I've also been trying to make sure to like the original image in case it's a repost, so I can check the persons account at the same time and see if it's worth following. Another thing I noticed is that posting non-motorcycle-related content is always a surefire way to loose some followers. My initial reactions to this happening quickly went from 'but why?', to 'who cares!'. It the images I post of my 5 Siberian Huskies annoy you, that's fine Admittedly, I ride my bike mostly as a daily driver (It's my 'company motorcycle'), so the photos I make are mostly from detours or other not so scenic locations. With a girlfriend, a 2yo son and 5 dogs at home actual mototravel is scarce. Maybe in about 10 years when my son is old enough to come along (can't wait). Interestingly enough, the most liked image I posted recently is of a bike that's not even mine So anyway, my 2 cents. And my IG account: @motopreneurtv btw, tried the but for some reason it's running into all kinds of errors.
  10. I find Ryans reviews (either motorcycle or gear reviews) pretty good with portion humour. You should check out his review of the Versys X 300 if you have the time.
  11. So they basically caught up with the Multistrada Enduro
  12. So technically, I'm a millenial (cue applause and AA-like welcome). Although I did read an article a few weeks ago which had another name for people born in the quite small range from '79 to '81 (I'm from '81). I agree with Eric, Harley and BMW both target people in a higher age category (to put it somewhat politically correct), athough both also try to address a younger audience as of late. If BMW would produce a more bikes with the look and feel of the S1000R(R) models, but with smaller displacement engines, I think it would appeal more. Personally I don't think the F800 twins really appeal to 'younger' people. And yes, I know I'm somewhat projecting my own opinion here, but I'm a millenial right? ;-) On the other hand, HD is also targeting a younger audience with bikes like the latest Street Rod, but in my opinion kind of missing the point by removing some of the HD characteristics from the bike. I found the review Fortnine did quite spot on: So in short, no, I don't think HD is right saying millenials are less interested in motorcycles. Then again, this would be quite an easy thing to investigate in solid numbers. Also, I can't speak for the American market, but as far as I know the number of riders here in the Netherlands are still increasing. And not a lot of Harleys are sold here anyway.
  13. Honestly never heard of the Super Sherpa, had to Google. Nifty little bike, looks like a lot of fun. Welcome to you both!
  14. Welcome Mathew!
  15. Nice job. Not the first time I've seen the Rotopax packs mounted like this either. I would have perhaps mounted them slightly more to the inside, as by the looks of it the wouldn't even hit the ground in case of a call in that case. But that's nitpicking to be honest.