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  1. That looks amazing, and so awesome you won too! Congratulations @isaac!
  2. Got around to swapping it yet? I've been meaning to switch out my lowbeam for something brighter and whiter. The Revamp headlight had a kind of weird setup IMO (but I'm no export) with a halogen lowbeam and HID Xenon highbeam.
  3. That's some impressive riding @isaac!
  4. Based on the mentioned final photo I'm guessing they mean the gully (caused by erosion) running accross the trail on which he hit the rearwheel. I do wonder if them mentioning Kellon jumping the GS has anything to do with it though.
  5. I was getting curious about the GSA but it took me quite some scrolling in your IG feed before finding it ... It is pretty though.
  6. I'm terribly picky about gloves, if there's just a little bit tension between my thumb and indexfinger cramp is guaranteed. Not going to discuss control with my wintergloves, but for summer I recently bought a pair of Rev'it Striker 2's which I'm really happy with, and they're thin and supple enough to not compromise control IMHO.
  7. Don't worry about it, about 3 more posts and you'll be an advanced member as well... Nothing a few beers can't handle ;-)
  8. Welcome Brad! By the looks of it you're really enjoying yourself (albeit slowly )!
  9. Welcome @Justin Mackie! Also, have a look here:
  10. Damn that's a pretty bike!
  11. I saw the video on IG earlier. The thought 'wow, I hope he got his stanchions fixed' did cross my mind first, but other than that it's a nice video. So regarding the GS's brand image: Yes, I immediately thought about the stanchion issue For the people how are actually taking their GS's offroad more then perhaps onroad, their thoughts about the newer GS's might be in line with yours @Eric Hall, being that the newer models might be steering away from their offroad character There are more then ever good or maybe better alternatives on the market, both comparable (KTM 1290) as more offroad oriented (KTM 1090, Honda AT, you name it). I think it's probably only natural that the GS brand is loosing marketshare. The stanchion issue will probably speed things up a little, but nevertheless, it will happen. Having said all of the above, I've read the comments in IG and some people will always express their opinions in stronger fashion than I find necessary, generalising, or respond in context of some kind of misplaced fandom.
  12. Awesome opportunity! as I think the 1200GS is in an entire different category, I'm specifically curious to how it compares to the 990. Also, if you remember this last line regarding what bike journey brought me to my current bike: