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  1. Beemer mcBeemface ;-)
  2. So I have another 'issue' with the bike. The 'choke' is pretty much useless as only at the end of the lever it will pick up the throttle cables at the throttle bodies. So normally you would correct this at the choke lever with the adjusting screws, however the choke is already at the end of its adjustability. The throttle at the bars is hardly adjusted at all, and has 1mm of play. The cable play at the throttle bodies is a little tight with 1mm (should be 2). But since the throttle and choke cables are both connected at the bell crank to the cables going to the throttle bodies I would assume the play at the throttle bodies doesn't effect the choke. Let alone the fact that play is only 1mm off. So what am I missing here? Also, according to spec the bike should idle at +-1100/1150rpm, however it 'only' idles at 1000rpm max. So something is off. The throttle bodies are against the stop on fully closed throttle, so that's OK. I've read that low idle could be related to cable play, although I'm guessing I could probably get idle correct by adjusting the screws on the throttle bodies. Any insights are greatly appreciated. @Eric HallJust tagging you since you mentioned you are familiar with 1150GS maintenance ;-)
  3. Not really @a_lone_rider... I did realize I forgot to check cam rocker end play while adjusting the valves, so I'll take the valvecovers off at the next opportunity. Besides that I did check the throttlebodies but I'm quite sure they're not causing the tapping sound. So the tapping sound is only there when the engine is hot, mostly noticable at low RPM and when the engine is not under load, and in sync with engine RPM. I guess the rocker end play is an option (and easy to check), but also considering to change out the pushrods since they updated the contruction of those. Perhaps I'll also change the cam tensioner(s) if they are not already the updated part(s). Pretty sure those don't cause the tapping noise though.
  4. Luckily no clutch work is needed for now, so I'll postpone that to a later date (but I promise I'll document everything when I do). For now I'll try to figure out where the tapping is coming from (although I've read a lot of comments of people saying it's somewhat normal, so maybe I'll post a video of the sound first). I also need to figure out why the Xenon light isn't working :-/
  5. @Eric Hall Yeah, and with the boxer engine these kind of tasks are pretty easy since everything is so reachable. Not particulary looking forward to working on the clutch though ;-)
  6. Might be interested... It's a bit of a drive though (8+ hours). Need to check if it doesn't interfere with other plans.
  7. With just onder 200kg's I woudn't call it a hippo. I recognized the Marlboro theme as well, so like the suggestion of Gaston. Otherwise (and this may be a bit of a strecht): Redford. Since your name is Rob, and Rob(ert) Redford is a redhead? Ok, I'll mind my own business now (and start thinking of a nickname for my own bike)... And again, beautiful bike!
  8. @Rob Hoffmann Awesome looking bike! Since I've had my GSA only for a short while I have no proper offroad photos of that. However, I do have some of my former more unlikely offroader, the Duc Multistrada 1000DS. Not the most spectacular scenery (also, anything more than greenlaning would probably break something on the Duc), but proof you can actually do some decent offroading on it. These are from an organized trip with Endurofun in Belgium. When I got there they asked me if I was seriously going to ride this bike offroad. A couple of hours later they actually complimented me on what I could do with the bike :-)
  9. So since I'm not to fond of the BMW dealers here in the Netherlands I figured I'd do basic maintenance on the GSA myself. I used to do most maintenance myself, but after starting my own company I figured my time was better spent working and letting the maintenance be done by someone else. I did miss tinkering though, since I spend my days behind a computer. Besides that, when I started my company I moved to another city where I don't have a lot of room to work on the bike. So anyways, this weekend I adjusted the valves, replaced the oil and filter, replaced transmission and final drive oil and synched the throttlebodies using a homemade 'tool'. Yesterday I finally replaced the sparkplugs as well. Reason I didn't do this right away was because I ordered what I thought was a set of sparkplugs, but only was a single one (geez those Iridium plugs are expensive), then I discovered a regular sparkplugsocket won't work with the boxer engine. So yesterday I fabricated my own tool out of a Ducati (!) socket I had laying around. The left plug came out nice and clean, however the rightside was seized quite a bit so took me a while to get it out, constantly turning it both ways. Turned out to be a bit rusty on the threads, so replacement was well overdue. There's a tapping noise coming from the left cylinder when at operating temperature which I hoped would be solved with valvu adjustment and TB sync, but it's still there, so I guess next up will be pushrod inspection.
  10. Hahaha, yeah, a few people suggested I should just clearcoat it and leave it that way :-)
  11. Thanks 556baller. I have the normal exhaust position (so high I guess?) and really don't want to change that. I had a look at the Happy Trails website, but it seems they also have a different rack on the left than on the right. I would like a flat mountingpoint on the left and an equally spaced rack on the right. I'll fill up this space with a rotopax or similar. By the way, these are the mentioned flight cases.
  12. Hi all, I recently bought some old aluminium flightcases from Dutch airline KLM, which I would like to mount as panniers on my R1150GSA for longer trips. However, I would need a symmetrical rack and since most are wider on the left side because of the exhaust I haven't found any yet (that or it's just unclear based on limit info and photo's online). So the question, does anyone know of a symmetrical pannierrack, preferable as simple as possible (e.g. no monokey systems and the likes)? I found the Kappa KL189 but can't make out if they are symmetrical or not. Any thoughts? Cheers, Martijn
  13. Hi all, My name is Martijn, I'm from the Netherlands, and I've only recently stepped into the allroad/offroad life. About a year ago I bought a first generation Ducati Multistrada 1000DS which obviously isn't really built for offroad adventures but that didn't stop me (although it did supply me with some fun moments, for example when I arrived at an organized offroad event where they asked me if I was actually planning on riding the Multi, and after answering yes they automatically placed me in the beginners group). Anyways, the Duc was stolen last april just 2 weeks after some major maintenance including replacing the valveguides. Of course I also just put on all the farkles I wanted. Fortunately the bike was properly insured and the insurance expert was pretty realistic about the actual value of the bike, meaning I could now look for a new bike. I kept 2 lists of possible replacements for the Duc, one had some cheaper bikes (Honda Varadero, high mileage R1100GS, early model V-Strom) on it so I would have some budget for farkles, and the other had some bikes on it more at the top of my budget (R1150GS or high mileage R1200GS, Aprilia Caponord or BMW K1200S). Obviously I was fooling myself a bit there, because I ended up buying a bike from the second list and already received about 7 packages with parts and farkles in the first week after I bought the bike. So without further ado, my new bike: A 2002 R1150GS Adventure ABS in Touratech Revamp trim. For its age it's fairly low mileage, I think it's a tad bit lighter than the original, has the Xenon headlight and also came with a new customfit tankbag and Laser exhaust (original was mounted when I bought it so it's not in the pictures). I'll be servicing it this weekend as the previous owner didn't ride it much (he had a R1200GSA as well) and it probably won't be long before she gets some knobbies. By the way, the bike is a company motorcycle as I'm self-employed and I also use it to drive to clients. So that's where my nickname comes from (also on Facebook / Instragram / Twitter). When I grow up I'd like to make a living doing something with motorcycles though, and not just be the entrepreneur that rides a motorcycle. Cheers, Martijn