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  1. Tyler Gantt

    Hello from Hburg Virginia ( Triumph of Harrisonburg )

    Thanks so much eric!! Looking forward to spending some time on XLADV
  2. Hey guys, I'm Tyler Gantt from Harrisonburg Virginia. Founder of Triumph of Harrisonburg, Organizer of Triumph of Harrisonburg ADV Riders and an ex pro motocross racer. I founded Triumph in 2014 and thats when I fell into the ADV scene. I love it, hence my off road background its a perfect fit for me and my shop. I love my 2016 Tiger 800 Xca I feel like its a big dirt bike and can pretty much do any challenge you lay ahead of it. I also tested the new Tiger's in 2015 for Triumph when they were released and was the main rider in the Summer of Adventure campaign. Im trying very hard to grow the ADV scene in the Shenandoah Valley and I feel I'm starting on the right path. We have hosted two rides the past two months and are going to keep it going. Check our social pages, Instagram and Facebook.