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  1. Bearded-vstromrider

    Enduristan Blizzard L & Base Packs 6.5

    Sorry for the late reply.... @Stara__Varos Here's some pictures of the bike loaded.
  2. Bearded-vstromrider

    Enduristan Blizzard L

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    Enduristan Blizzard L Today we are testing the Enduristan Blizzard saddlebag set. This set was designed by Enduristan to fit on almost every enduro or mid-sized adventure bike. Not requiring a pannier rack, it doesn’t make the bike a lot wider. Enduristan gave the shape of the bags some attention so it doesn’t bother you in your riding position or experience. Also, Enduristan thought about the fact that plastic melts. With their Inferno heat shield to mount on your exhaust. Your Blizzard will not melt Because it is made by a high-grade TPU, it’s easy to repair when you do manage to rip it. Enduristan also provides in that. You can buy a luggage repair kit for about 17 euro’s and this will include: What I had to take. some TPU patches needles and thread male-/ female buckles some straps glue Features: The Enduristan Blizzard is made completely out of 1000D TPU and this makes it amazingly abrasion proof. Its triple layer system ensures that the bag stays waterproof even if the outer and middle layer are punctured. This middle layer is made out of a strong nylon mesh which stretches at impact to made the Blizzard extremely tear resistant. All the buckles on the Enduristan gear are of the ‘Family’ brand and this makes for ultra-high combinability for all the products. This also means the buckles are interchangeable and this way, easy to replace. The red inner liner makes it very easy to spot any pieces of gear left in the bag. It also shows you well if there is any dirt in there. If there is, you can just clean out the bag with some water and a mild soap. Enduristan tests their gear to the limit and this is what they did with the Blizzard. They take it everywhere with their sports team and test it in cold, hot, mud, snow and wet conditions. closure: The bag has 4 compression straps to make sure that everything on top is buttoned down and waterproof. mounting: What I managed to get in It’s very easy to mount with a hook strap that you’ll have to mount somewhere on the back of your bike and straps for the passenger foot peg system. Because the Enduristan Blizzard is in the saddlebag class. There are two combo straps running from the left bag to the right. These are kind of tricky to adjust because of the dual slider system. But you’ll get the hang of it pretty quick. Now tighten everything and you’re done! Attachments: It’s even possible to attach more gear because of a series of attachment points. There are two rows of cargo loops on the bag and another mounting point for the Enduristan 6.5 Base packs to create instant 6.5 litre more stowage space. Weighting: The Enduristan Blizzard L weighs in at around the 3-5 kg’s but the straps and buckles are tested for 225kg! For a soft luggage system which doesn’t need a rack to support it, this is quite impressive. SIZE VOLUME LENGTH WIDTH HEIGTH S 2 x 6 Liter 36 cm 2 x 9 cm 24 cm M 2 x 8.5 Liter 36 cm 2 x 12.5 cm 24 cm L 2 x 12 ter 36 cm 2 x 18 cm 24 cm Verdict: This all makes the Blizzard a real good and adventure ready piece of soft luggage gear. For a long tour it might not cater to all your needs because of the 24 litre capacity in basic form. Unless you are the kind of rider that enjoys roughing it of course Even then you get some creature comforts with the possibility to add the Base Packs.Verdict: For me, considering I almost always tour 2-up, going with the Enduristan Monsoon 3 pannier bags make more sense. So I’ll be testing those puppies down the road! VIDEO REVIEW: VIDEO REVIEW ENDURISTAN BLIZZARD
  3. Bearded-vstromrider

    Footpegs: The Most Overlooked Performance Upgrade?

    certainly a good upgrade to do... I changed my stock V-strom 650 pegs for the Touratech pegs. Quite a difference!
  4. Bearded-vstromrider

    V-strom on a race track?

    CRE race track experience! Time, 05:15 h. My alarm clock rings and it’s time for me to get my breakfast in my stomach, take a shower and jump on my bike! The 1,5 hour drive to the TT race track in Assen took me to the TT junior track and the CRT Holland training ground for the CRE track training. Here I met with 37 fellow Suzuki riders. Greeting us where the men and women from Suzuki Motors Holland who set up this training day. Briefing Before we could start melting our tyres and scratching our footpegs on the asphalt. We needed to get a safety briefing. This CRE safety briefing included the meaning of the different flags that signal what you need to do on the track in case of any changes. Also they told us not to stop to help someone who crashes. This felt kind of unnatural to me but it made perfect sense. Better to have one person on the ground then a whole pile up on the track. After being set to the proper mindset, CRE gave us our rider number. 60 blue was my sign. They put us in 4 different groups coded by colour, for the training on the Junior Track. This part of the day was there to make us proficient in cornering. It also made us explore the capabilities of the bike. TT junior track The junior track is a way smaller but way more corner intense track than the actual TT track. The track consists of a South and North loop. These loops are riddled with corners and turns which will make you flinch at first glance. The CRE instructors take you round and around the South and North loops. Turning the flinching into smiling! In total you’ll ride 8 stretches of 10 minute rounds. CRE instruction proves it’s worth! Photo by: wegraceinfo.nl After about 5 minutes the CRE instructor gets off and you have to find your own perfect lines and curve entries. This really makes you think about the cornering, throttle and braking. And this makes you better! I personally went from 0.659 degrees decline to scratching my footpegs around the corners in about 2 rounds. So this means you still have 6 rounds of 10 minutes to train your new skills. The CRE instructor gives you personal feedback on your riding style and this makes for a good ride all day long! He told me, that if I wanted to keep some pegs to stand on, I should lean into the curve more with my body. He told me to sit on the side of my saddle. If I felt like Rossi or Marquez, I should even lean in more. But! Never exceed your comfort zone to much he said. The CRE instructor motto: “Push the envelope, but keep it fun and real”. The Big Track After nice lunch, we enter the afternoon CRE programme. This included a little bit of theory about the TT Assen Race Track, and another safety briefing. Directly after that we were sent down to pick up our transponders and let them get mounted on your bikes. These transponders send back your laptime but also monitor your Decibel output. Legally on the TT you are only allowed to ride with an exhaust that emits a maximum of 101Db. If you exceed this they will flag you with a black flag and end your trip with a heat-seeking missile. Before we could enter the track we needed to split up again in groups. At the Parc Fermé we arranged these groups and we were the first ones to ride! I followed my CRE instructor onto the track and started slamming my V-strom into the track curves. Photo by: wegraceinfo.nl But sadly, as good as my high seated, broad handlebar and manoeuvrable Strom handled on the Junior track. It wasn’t powerful enough to reach any real speed on the track. I thought this would get boring then… But man was I wrong. Fun all over! Finding the ideal line of entry, exiting curves full power and ramming through chicanes at 90 km/h. Awesome! Strubben At the TT race track I found my Nemesis. The curve called Strubben. The first few tries it bit me hard. I couldn’t get the right angle, speed and driveline to get through it. But with some coaching from the CRE instructor and my fellow riders, I was able to get it done! I can’t imagine how they do this with speed exceeding 100-200km….. Verdict: Satisfaction It was a very long and very intense day. My legs hurt, knees ached and my back is blown. But it was all so satisfying. I’ve learned to trust my bike that much more now and above all.. I trust myself more. I for one, am now a lot more confident on my bike. Both me and my Strom can do so much more than I thought. I can recommend a CRE or CRT training to anyone. No matter what bike you ride. You don’t have to be fast or take the corners the best. You just have to be the best you can be on your own bike. Video of V-strom on Race Track.
  5. Finally packed to head off to Switserland. This Enduristan Blizzard L saddlebags, fitted with two Base Packs can really haul some gear! - 2 pers Tent - sleeping mat - Toiletries - hoodie sweater - extra coolwear for under my suit - 3 pairs of socks and 3 pairs of boxers - KLiM baseball cap - Emergency lighting - Petzl headlight - WakaWakaLight solar powerbank - set of batteries - normal powerbank - phone charger / GoPro charger - 2x Gopro, spare phone, TomTom rider In an addition to that i have two Enduristan Base Packs mounted to my crash bars. Containing: - Chainlube / cleaner - reflective vest - motorcycle specific tools - summer and all- season gloves - extra cables for brakes / throttle - rope, duct- tape, electrical tape - zip ties - 4x ROK Straps - The ultimate stretch strap What do you carry on a trip?
  6. Bearded-vstromrider

    Cleaning your gear with Ozone

    Ahh. Never seen that spray! Do you have a link?
  7. Ozone disinfects, Yesterday i got my gear disinfected with Ozone gas. I'm pretty happy with the results. No more nasty smells and my gear even smells like the air smells after a heavy thunderstorm. How does Ozone do its job? The chemical name is O3. Which basically means that it has three oxygen atoms form a Ozone-molecule and it would love to set one atom free and return to its O2 state. That’s why it reacts with bacteria and viruses and destroys their outer shell. The Ozone keeps on attacking the outer shell until the bacteria or virus breaks up and is no more! It neutralizes the smells that bacteria produce by reacting with that as well. It turns the smells into harmless and odourless CO2. Can I produce Ozone myself? If you can rub two pieces of carpet really fast against each other you just might… It takes an electrical shock of about 10-20 KiloVolt to make Ozone molecules. So Keep rubbing! Ozone also occurs naturally in the air after a thunder storm. The smell that’s in the air after that is the Ozone you smell! This smell also lingers in your helmet for a few minutes before the Ozone has totally reacted with its environment. Want to see a reasonable boring video about the process? Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=UUoI7-iw2XhT-TSj-TUky0uQ&v=7Pay8arcvls More on www.beardedvstromrider.com this sunday
  8. Bearded-vstromrider

    MotoGP in Holland

    We were invited by Suzuki Holland to check out the MotoGP at TT-ASSEN. Valentino Rossi won this race (again). Im really an adventurebike guy but you can't tell me you guys don't get goosebumps when you hear that Supermoto sound! Bearded_vstromrider Youtube at the MotoGP motoGP TT Assen 2017.mp4 beardedvstromrider.com at the MotoGP
  9. Bearded-vstromrider

    Pirelli Scorpion Trail

    I'm riding the Pirelli Scorpion Trail II. Pirelli wanted to make a good, solid allroad tyre. The rear tyre thread is made of a compound material with a high about of silica in there. The front tyre thread is made of single compound material with 100% silica. Pirelli wanted you to have grip in dry and wet conditions. They also wanted you to ride around with a pretty thread. Pirelli even cut in a little scorpion symbol in the tyre and placed a nice red one on the walls of the tyre. The Pirelli Scorpion Trail II makes it a little easier to slam your bike into the corners. This could also make you feel a little unsure in the beginning. It has the tendency to “fall” into the corner and it feels a bit slippy this way. But it catches you very quickly and you can open the throttle nice and good coming out of the corner section. Full review: BEARDED_VSTROMRIDER
  10. Bearded-vstromrider

    The need for speed(o)s

    Yeah just oldskool it man. Guessing when it all runs out haha
  11. Bearded-vstromrider

    Allroad helmets

    Nice! Ja kan makkelijker maar dan snappen ze het hier op het forum niet meer
  12. Bearded-vstromrider

    Allroad helmets

    Cool! Thanks for the feedback. Very nice pictures dude! Groeten uit Utrecht!
  13. Bearded-vstromrider

    What do you carry for 1-2 day rides?

    Back pack / saddle bag One set of (non-smelly, non-biker) clothing Spare knickers for the rest of the trip BIVI-bag incl. sleeping bag. set of camp shoes. Enduristan Basepacks (mounted on crashbars): Left: Med kit (bandages / Israeli bandage / mouth-to-mouth kit / painkillers / disinfectant / little bottle of whiskey foot pump WAKA WAKA powerbank (solar charge) Right: Some hand-tools and spare bolts and zip-ties Duct tape and electrical tape Chain cleaner / lube Fold-able shower bag ( Only when i'm planning on camping near water, heaven! ) In/on my jacket: Cell phone spare map Petzl light spare keys hydration pack.
  14. Bearded-vstromrider

    The need for speed(o)s

    Whow! sorry man haven't got any suggestions for you. But i'm curious how you solve it
  15. Bearded-vstromrider

    Allroad helmets

    How did it preform? Im also in the market for a new helmet. And i would love a more 'adventure' type of helmet with a little bit more chin space on account of my beard