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  1. Well, Eric. I keep my best hopes too that everything is going to be alright for Yamaha. And I do that because I started dreaming of motorcycle adventures watching Stephane Peterhansel winning Paris-Dakar rally on his different type of YZE during his golden 90s. That look of an old Super Tenere 750 is still the most iconic in the history of Paris-Dakar yet one of the best ever created in the adventure bike world. So seeing those rare these days bikes on the streets brings a wave of nostalgy and deep in my heart I believe that the great Yamaha's adventure heritage deserves much more than that new Tenere 700. I'm not sure about the Japanese factory, to be honest as they previously told us that European departments do pretty much all the work on Tenere. They are obviously targeting the European and American market as pretty much all the Asian market is based on bikes under 400cc due to restrictions, but they are not listening for their customers and people who really know everything about adventure. What is pissing me off most is that every advertisement is positioning adventure bikes as a hardcore enduro while their frames get broken during the easiest rides with limited offroad. Anyway, those are my own thoughts and I don't see a great future for Yamaha with bikes like Honda AT and especially all new KTM 790 around.
  2. I'm not a big Orange fan except for good old classic such as 990 is, but last models look really cool I must say and this new 790 is beating the ground away from below the wheels of other brands for sure. What is pissing me off is the fact that KTM put so much in adventure market doing literally every year something new with their bikes while Yamaha's XT660Z was on the market from 2008 and for the last three years, they have only one big adv bike in adv segment giving zero [email protected]#k. Playing this stupid game with different concepts which will make them pay for badly, in my opinion, they have lost all the hype around the bike and not many people really interested in it anymore. I truly believe that new Tenere 700 will be a gravestone on the whole Yamaha's ADV segment since that bike has nothing to do with all those smart and sexy yet simple lines we saw on the first T7 concept. It still looks OKish but that's definitely not enough to become a crazy top seller or something especially after we've seen that first concept. It is clear that for those who value high specs, KTM will be a no-brainer for sure. Another thing is that the bike has nothing to do with long-distance adventures. Small tank, tiny seat. It is quite boring to visit gas station having 22 liters tank with around 5l per 100km, but 16 liters is something totally ridiculous. So it is going to be a toy for those willing to have some fun and ok with that final design, but Yamaha should pray it will be a damn good and quality toy coz otherwise... Oh boy. I believe that every brand should have their awesome and solid big and medium size adv bikes. Just like BMW has. I mean, no matter if it is a big 1200 GS or 800GS they are both fantastic machines with great specs and awesome look. Same with Triumph and few other brands. But this new T700 doesn't look like the right bike in Yamaha's middle class. It looks like a Rally bike wannabe with 200 plus kilos of weight when you don't need it. Maybe it is just me, but this is how I see it.
  3. Well. I tried to use voice recognizing translator. Didn't work well though. But there are numbers. Something about 175-185kg. Wheelbase 1555cm. Something about the price of 9999 - 11500. Euros I guess. And sure the guys are super happy overall.
  4. New video. From Germany this time.
  5. Ok! Now, this makes everything clear. I won't be lying. I was a bit scared posting kinda raw research based on two different pictures, no matter I tried my best to scale them up to be as close as possible to real size. This is Adrien Van Beveren Official Yamaha Rider. Height: 187cm. Yes, that's an official information(https://www.yamaha-racing.com/dakar/teams/rider/adrien-van-beveren). We can clearly see that getting off the bike he can't reach the ground. I'm 186cm and I can reach the ground sitting on XT660Z. Though, it is still way too much for many riders who would love to buy Baby Tenere. That makes me feel that the work I've done comparing these two machines (dimensions-wise) is very close to being true. Even though I've never had a chance to see it or sit on that beautiful, well, horse. Coz she is definitely not a pony.
  6. Hey, guys. Here is my original post. And those are just thoughts speaking of the final product. For those who in love with this absolutely beautiful concept from YAMAHA. Since I'm riding XT660Z myself and I love the way T7 looks so much, I decided to compare these two machines. Many people keep their best hopes to see the final, road legal model as close, to what we see right now in T7 Concept, as possible. But is it going to happen? Let's see closer. Those, who had a chance to ride little Tenere know, that bike is not that small in fact. It's really tall and, probably, one of the best options for big and tall guys. So straight away we can see, that new machine is a bit longer. Like 2-3 inches roughly. What else? Seat. You probably have noticed it already. Looks like it is good 4 inches higher. Well. That's kinda too much. Don't you think so? Foot pegs. And again, it looks like those are from 3 to 4 inches higher. Is that good for balancing the machine with such a high pegs point? Don't think so. And riding with knees bent that much, especially if you are quite big guy, not an option for sure. Tank. From some new photos on web, I've noticed, that tank is really wide in the place where rider's knees should be. Means, taller riders should slide them self a bit backward, what can affect rider's position on the bike. Well. Coming back to the seat again. Have you noticed, that it's like sooooo long. Like you can sit two tiny passengers behind you, but. I can't really see the place, passenger foot pegs can be attached to this frame. Even one pair, for just one passenger. As we can see on T7, there is only one front brake disc rotor on the left side. Rear wheel looks bigger what makes me thinking of motocross standard. 18"? So yeah. Looks cool. But not quite useful to be a road model and will see many changes, most likely. Hopefully, they will keep that crazy rally touch yet will be able to make it practical. What do you think guys? And few more things. Speaking of long seat, we can clearly get rid of 2-3 inches to make that tail look better in my opinion. I can photoshop it for you to have an idea of what I'm talking about. And perhaps some people see this machine as a hardcore ride, you must understand, that in Europe Xt660Z is one of the most popular adventure bikes and many riders are waiting for this new more powerful yet light enough Tenere to continue their adventures. So what I see here, this bike either will be more adventure oriented or they will bring us two slightly different machines. Like T7 or 700 and T7 or 700 Rally. Any thoughts? Thanks. Roman. This is the picture I'm referring to speaking about the tank.
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