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  1. bimmkatoomer

    Long Way Up?

    I'll see this new series, FWIW. Supported or not, these guys do a fairly good show. I reckon the support vehicles, accompanying doctor etc might be a contract & insurance based thing. Ewan MacGregor is now a famous actor and the other guy an experienced and skilled rider. It would have been fun if the cameraman Claudio Von Planta teamed up also. He was a great resource and likeable dude [emoji41][emoji108]
  2. bimmkatoomer

    2016 Klim Adventure Rally - not waterproof.

    The seam tape explanation actually makes sense. On my AR2 jacket the sleeve vents work well, even in severe downpours.
  3. bimmkatoomer

    2016 Klim Adventure Rally - not waterproof.

    My only gripes against my AR1 and AR3 are the Leatt brace compatible collars. They simply don't seal well enough due to lack of velcro surface, and let in both wind and water in inclement weather. Disregarding Polaris' new corporate Klim ownership - there is absolutely no legitimacy or reason that this top of the line product should leak water through the zippers. Period.
  4. bimmkatoomer

    2016 Klim Adventure Rally - not waterproof.

    I'm still puzzled Klim put YKK Vislon zippers on it, versus YKK Aquaguard. Must be some kind of oversight, not to be expected in this top price- and -quality segment. Now get that thing soaked in the nearest rain - feel free to share the experience. That jacket costs alone the price of my now 7 year old AR1, and should keep you warm, dry and comfy ;-)
  5. bimmkatoomer

    2016 Klim Adventure Rally - not waterproof.

    Nice warranty followup, in the end. Now let's hope this one keeps the water outside ;-) Thumbs up!
  6. bimmkatoomer

    Hei, from Norway.

    I'm soon pushing 60, been riding motorcycles only since 1974 ( no car license ), and have since 2004 been riding allroad bikes. I prefer to avoid the term 'offroad', since true offroading is outlawed in Norway. Been through certain asphalt oriented bikes since 1978, namely 1976 Honda CB350 Four, 1978 Suzuki GS550, 1981 Suzuki GS650GT, 1981 Suzuki GSX1100, 1986 Moto Guzzi SP1000II, 1987 Honda VF1000F2, 1994 Honda ST1100 Pan European *), 2004 BMW F650GS Dakar, 2008 BMW F800GS ( crashed, written off ), 2010 BMW F800GS *), 2008 KTM 690 RFR *). *) In current stable. My favourite rides are twisty country roads and gravel/dirt roads, spread over various distances within Scandinavia. On the 690 RFR my preferred roads mostly are in Sweden, favourizing open gravel roads and access to more dirt roads than here in Norway. The F800GS is my favourite commuting and allroad vehicle. The scenery is more varied in Norway, but land owners are less friendly towards adv-riders than in Sweden - which has a bigger motor sport environment, including all from rallycross to enduro an motocross etc. Laws may also be a factor here, as Norwegian land owners tend to install closed gates on their roads more frequently than in Sweden. My riding include tarmac as well as dirt roads by necessity, and my preferences goes towards solo rides and not group rides. Concluding that deciding speed and controlling risk factors is best done solo in my world. Not discounting the advantages and safety plus of group rides - depending on enroute challenges and requirements. Have deliberately avoided long foreign country rides so far - simply by personal priorities and preference. I do about 20 000km a year, the last 5 years solely on the F800GS and the 690 RFR. The big rides may come in the future. Like dessert and icing on the cake ;-)
  7. bimmkatoomer

    2016 Klim Adventure Rally - not waterproof.

    I bought my AR3 suit through a local Norwegian dealership here in Norway. After nearly a year of usage I'm lucky enough to be totally satisfied with this edition. Back in 2010, I had to buy the original AR1 through www.adventure-spec.com ( who also participated in the initial designs process, and got their logo on the AR1 jacket ). These top predators in the allweather suit segment also require top followup from Klim warranty dept., and given my dialogue last year about removing the sleeve "monkey paws", I now sense a more stern approach from Klim warranty people. The initial 2010 batch AR1 were flawed, some of us - including me - got new replacement suits on warranty. I was impressed, and still I'm devoted to Klim products, which have served admirably for my Norwegian climate alweather riding. I now own the AR1, the AR3, Badlands pants, the Overland jacket, Traverse pants, Powerxross jacket, Dakar pants,Revolt pullover, Yokon pullover, Inversion jacket and several of their excellent jerseys and not least the Aggressor 1.0 base layer. Absolutely love'em all. Brilliant garment with genuine functionality. From my standpoint and position, the top Gore-Tex Adventure Rally jacket deserves premium warranty followup. Simply because it's leveled at hard, longtime usage in all weather conditions and oriented towards long distance riding people doing long travels world wide. Leaking sleeve zippers is totally unacceptable in this price segment, and Klim warranty followup should not demand lengthy procedures from the byers end towards either a full refund or jacket repair or full replacement. If Beemer_Bunny bought the jacket from a French dealership, her Swiss citizenship should still demand a more appropriate warrant followup than what is disclosed here. On a worldwide, continental crossing adventure ride, leaking zippers is a dealbreaker, so Klim warranty dept., this goes on your high-end suit reputation directly. Beemer_Bunny should not not be on the losing end in such a case. On the contrary.
  8. bimmkatoomer

    2016 Klim Adventure Rally - not waterproof.

    The notion that sleeve fit should affect waterproof functionality on the upper sleeve zippers is downright absurd. This is gettting silly. I would slam the above Gore-Tex warranty on the table - claiming that using water resistant Vislon zippers also nullifies Klim customer promise about waterproofing this garment. As such the marketing is downright false - unless Klim or Gore-Tex make a full refund, repairs the sleeve zippers or replace the jacket.
  9. bimmkatoomer

    2016 Klim Adventure Rally - not waterproof.

    Gore-Tex warranty is very specific.
  10. bimmkatoomer

    So You Want to Go On An Organized Motorcycle Adventure Tour?

    Been there, gone through that. I simply avoid group rides due to my lack of advanced skills and the rubber cord effect often being multiplied on dirt roads. Guess it all boils down to controlling more risk factors on solo rides versus the benefits of group assistance and group prefs on more high skill level roads and single tracks. To me the benefits of controlling speed and detours etc on my own trumps the more complex nature of group rides.
  11. bimmkatoomer

    2016 Klim Adventure Rally - not waterproof.

    An interesting ethics dilemma for Klim marketing dept.: Why market a jacket as the pinnacle of motorcycle allweather garment if it's equipped with YKK Vislon, non waterproofed zippers? That simply disqualifies the jacket from being marketed as a true RTW/long haul touring jacket. After all, it's among the most expensive on the market, and deserves to deliver true waterproof performance as a standalone product. Why Klim chose the water resistant Vislon zippers versus the true waterproofed Aquaguard ditto is also a design/marketing mystery. I'm not impressed by this choice of components. Another factor is the AR4 jacket costs alone the same as my complete 2010 AR1 suit, with pants and all. In that context a true waterproof jacket is totally expectable and mandatory. This is not OK. In this price segment leaking sleeves is totally unacceptable and should mandate either full refund, repaired/replaced sleeve zippers, or quite simply a new jacket. In 2012 Klim sent me and several others a new suit as replacement for a flawed batch of the AR1. Back then we reported zip handles breaking, Gore Lockout failures, Gore-Tex fabrics breaking up/"fluffing", and crotch leakage. The Adventure Rally Suit is a complex design we pay top price for, and deserves fair customer followup and true warranty conditions.
  12. bimmkatoomer

    2016 Klim Adventure Rally - not waterproof.

    If you've narrowed the leakage points to the zipper itself, and not the seams, you may have a case. I'm totally with you on this matter, since my gen 3 (2) jacket so far has proven the YKK sleeve zippers waterproof. Showcasing the Vislon zippers as water resistant, not waterproof - simply disqualifies the gen 4 jacket as a true all weather garment, and definitely not as a good investment for long, multi-month touring trips. That would be a downer for further AR suit sales, and would narrow the user segment to rally raid racing and non inclement weather trips. There must be obvious reasons why the AR appears very rare among profiled RTW and long distance trips. One is the price tag, another the complexity of the jacket. The latest Badlands jacket had IMHO a too short collar, and therefore I went with the AR 3 because of the taller collar and my experience with the original 2010 AR 1.
  13. bimmkatoomer

    2016 Klim Adventure Rally - not waterproof.

    I would chuck it in the washing machine, tumble dry it as per Gore-Tex instructions, and eventually treat the leaking area with waterproofing sealant - if the warranty process becomes too cumbersome. I find it rather disturbing that a gen 4 AR should be treated like a non waterproof item due to the use of YKK Vislon zippers.
  14. bimmkatoomer

    2016 Klim Adventure Rally - not waterproof.

    According to this YKK link the zippers should be waterproof. http://www.ykkfastening.com/products/zipper/vislon_zipper/aquaseal.html At 8:07 on this video it's clearly stated the zippers are YKK Aquaguard, hence waterproof items.