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  1. Yes, looks good, I see the mark 2 difference now, should be a bitch'n ride🤘
  2. Its kind of sad in a way that they are an acting contributor to adv lifestyle, I own and have purchased many of there products, I hope they can get a decent restructuring out if this and continue to progress for the community.
  3. Damn I was just reading about this a moment ago, maybe they should of had a better business model..and they definitely didnt make there money cutting corners with cheap hardware like screws and bolts....I will be on the look out for that fire sale though....I hope that maybe they can turn this into a opportunity to make the company better..
  4. What a cool opportunity, should be a good review. Will you be doing a long trip test?
  5. I was looking for the new mark 2 tire thread, but now I'm just going to go drink bear, Well done Sir..