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    GS/GSA Fork Stanchion Problems

    This is potentially a very dangerous issue and with the serious injuries that riders have suffered in South Africa. ...one wonders whether the UK Journalist - Kevin Ash's death after crashing during the LC Launch in 2013 has anything to do with the Stanchions failing....but of course instead of an Independent investigation being done. ....BMW did the check into the failure and refused to release the results of the findings. ....Kevin was a very accomplished rider. What concerns us all is the fact that the "Service Bulletin" which a lot if people mistakenly sees as a recall (it's not!) Also seems to place the cause of failure on the Rider (if you read the paragraph ) THIS is unacceptable and there's now a petition to get BMW to admit there's a design fault and a Class Action is now imminent... Check out this link and please get as many as possible LC owners to sign. Www.BMWFATALFLAW. com By the way...the one chap that' had a serious accident at 45kph ....His story is there as well...however guess what...FB have blocked his account from further sharing or posting his story....now HOW and WHO has that sort of influence. ...makes you wonder!