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  1. Thanks for the quick response! I'm hoping that the hub and basket don't need replacing as well because they're crazy expensive. The only reason I suspect they might need changing is because I am having a hard time shifting the bike and neutral is almost impossible to find. I read that these could be symptoms of a worn hub and basket. Either way, your writeup has been super helpful!
  2. Hi Rogers, Thanks for the detailed write up. I found this thread because my 2014 GS clutch just started slipping. Which parts did you need? I have 80,000 miles on my GS and I'm not sure if all I need is the plates or if I need more. I'd like to avoid spending $1000 on the clutch package if I can avoid it. At the moment, I only notice the slipping under hard acceleration so I suspect that it's only the plates that are worn. I'm trying to avoid pulling the bike apart before ordering parts if possible as well. Any suggestions or recommendations? Thanks for your help!