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    So Is the New BMW GSA Better Off-Road Than the Old One?

    I appreciate both your comments. I am now looking at both, w/a history w/BMW but also a long history on smaller DS bikes that include KTM. I really want BMW to ditch the Telelever and just go all out on the Rallye and Adventure and stop fxxking around. As to the stalling, I have just witnessed it on the 13 I was looking at and was not happy, but recitified. The longer swingarm I was happy for and understand the rationale behind it. From a early adopter of BMW in the smaller GS range, I have only wished they have taken the capabilities of the bikes seriously and pushed the envelope as KTM has (specifically offroad). Even if BMW meets KTM at the 90th percentile on capabillity and handling offroad w/the same tires/wheels/suspension they have met the mark (IMO) in what the GS brand should be and is capable of. Still on the fence w/both vendors for my next big bike.....loving the dialog.
  2. Hugh Michaels

    Rider Selection: Don't Be "That Guy"

    Are you ready to go at the time agreed upon for "kickstands up?" (Always, and have already checked out link-up and entry point to ride if not the ride itself.) Is your bike packed with all the right tools and gear? (As much as I think I need, but yes, I did need a jump once and did NOT have cables...I do now.) Is your bike in good working order? (Always) Do you have GPS and know how to use it or do you just hope to follow someone who does? (Pretty damn well, but I am awed at some peeps skills.) Do you know how to change a tire or perform routine trailside maintenance? (Yes) Do you ride too fast? (Guilty, sometimes) Do you ride too slow? (Guilty, sometimes after a long layoff) Do you ride recklessly? (NO) Do you bring riders on trails way above their ability? (Guilty but lesson learned) Do you show up for rides you know are way above your ability? (Guilty but how do you learn your limits? I've gotten in WAY over my head and have been very underwhelmed) Do you stop to help a fellow rider lift his/her bike? (Always because I know I'll need it) Do you thank someone who helped you lift your bike? (Fxxk yes) Do you space out? (I have in long rides and almost it on a turn into the oblivion) Do you get hangry? (Very Guilty but try to plan ahead) Do you not post up at turns? (I've missed a few and got my arse chewed just as I've chewed some. Should know because I ride bicycles too and the etiquite is the same) Do you pass unsafely? (NO) Do you roost others? (I'd love to but still learning how to roost!) Do you ride too close behind others? (Guilty sometimes but try not to)
  3. Hugh Michaels

    What do you carry for 1-2 day rides?

    For 1-2 Day I don't carry much more than what's in my Ogio Flight Vest. I do strap a small Camelback/Day-pack to the rear w/whatever I think I need to sleep/change/clean-up in, but most is in my vest and is used as a tool carrier/laydown pad when I need to get into it. In vest: Front/rear tube w/spoons and inflators. Lighter tools to replace OEM + trusty leatherman - Safety Wire and Spinner - Clamps and Wire laced Zip Ties - JB Weld - Tow-Strap w/pulley system - Spare Fuses - Battery Charging/Jump Lead - Duct, Electrical and Radiator Hose Tape - Master link - Water Bladder - Protein Bars - CAT Tourniquet - Bandages, quick clot, pressure dressings, splint and bandaids + a few meds - Pump - Storm Lighter - Spot Tracker - GPS - Headlamp, Strobe lights and a few chemlights
  4. Hugh Michaels

    New guy in temecula

    The dirt grinder! Loved my XR's! Congrats!
  5. Dad had Harleys and Indians that just never appealed to me. Neighborhood dads and sons had DS bikes which guided me for a very long time until I made sport bike friends. My sport bikes never really lasted very long though so time will tell w/my current ride which I freaking love. 1980 Yamaha IT-175 1974 Bultaco 360 (first bike I ever rode and bought from my friends dad. Never should have gotten rid of that beast) 1984 Honda XR350R 1986 Suzuki 1000 GSXR (bought just to ride across country from TN to CA when I joined the Navy w/a buddy). Sold later to buy a Jeep. Gotta have a Jeep! 1990 Honda XR600R 1992 yamaha Vmax 1200 1996 Honda XR600R (bought totally tricked out for Baja) 1996 Ducati monster 900 (fun arse hooligan ride) 2001 BMW F650GS Dakar (Built and gave later to my GF) 2002 BMW F650GS Dakar (built and sold to my brother) 2002 BMW R1150GSA (just sold for my R1200RS. I really want the new 1200GS Rallye but want the telelever dropped and a 21" as stock) 2003 BMW F650GS Dakar (built just the way I want her and still own – still deciding on moving up to the 800/900 - 1190/1200 cc BMW/KTM ) 2016 BMW R1200RS (Love this ride. I've had boxer engines since a kid in my VW's, Subaru's, Porsche's and GS's so the tractor power really appeals to me)
  6. Hugh Michaels

    Hola' from Carlsbad, Ca.

    Yep! Mil retirement has definitely freed up some time!
  7. Hugh Michaels

    Hola' from Carlsbad, Ca.

    New to the site. Longtime rider in SOCAL/BAJA. Been riding this puppy for a while now and may be moing up to a larger bike so I really appreciate the site. Excellent work Eric. S/ Michael Carlsbad, Ca 2003 F650GS Dakar