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    Ca To Midwest and Back 2018

    Well the outfitting begins. Here are a few items I have started with. Far from over but a good start for gear prepping.. I picked up a Giant loop great Basin Bag. 60 liters.. I have gone back and forth on hard panniers but figure I will try this out on a couple short trips and see how I like it. https://www.giantloopmoto.com/product/great-basin-saddlebag-roll-top/ I ordered a givi tool bag for under the tail rack https://www.giviusa.com/my-motorcycle/honda/vfr1200x-16/xs1110r-tool-bag-detail I also ordered a Perfect squeeze cell phone mount. I like the looks of it over a Ram mount. Looks more substantial and less likely to ever let go.
  2. Hi Folks, I have been on Thumpertalk for years and saw Brian post up about XLADV. I figured what better way to document my trip that I am planning then right here. I have always been into motorcycle riding and racing since a little kid. Now in my Mid 40's I feel the urge to take my Midwest Adventure while I still can. So what I decided to do is buy a XL Adventure bike I liked and start planning a trip. My trip will take me from My house in Northern Ca up through Idaho, Montana, a quick jaunt up to Lake Louise in Canada then back down to Yellowstone and the Tetons, then into See Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse before heading back through Colorado up to Pikes Peak then through Utah to see the sights.. I will head back home through Nevada. I am going to take a month or so to do the trip and figured I would hit a motel every few nights to actually be comfortable and clean up. I picked up a new 2016 vfr1200x to do the trip. I know it is not too much of a off road oriented bike but it has a few characteristics I really like. I wanted a shaft drive, Tubeless wheels, Dependable, comfortable decent power and so on. I ended up finding a decent price on the new VFR1200x up at Sierra Motorsports in Grass Valley Ca.. I picked it up yesterday 7/8/17 And decided to take the long way home to start the break in. I headed up through Downieville and passed under the Sierra Buttes on my way back home in Butte county. Perfect first ride and I indeed have a couple things I will modify slightly but so far so good. So tune in If you so desire for the planning and prepping for this trip as I outfit my bike and condition my butt over the next year getting ready for a long trip like described above. I figure I will need a few good tune up trips to work out the bugs and prep. Thanks
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    Ca To Midwest and Back 2018

    I was Born in Santa Rosa! Have a safe trip
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    Continental Divide Ride 2017

    This sounds like a interesting trip, It will be cool to se the updates when you go. Good luck..
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    Ca To Midwest and Back 2018

    Thanks Warped, I do love the sound myself. this is my 4th Honda v4 too so I must love them..
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    Honda Announces 2016 VFR1200X Adventure Model

    I just Bought one. Yes I knew it was a big bike from the get go, But I am planning a long road trip with 90% road and like almost everything about the bike. So far I have a few hundred files on it will be making a few adjustments and will be outfitting it slowly. I figure I will do a couple 2 or 3 day trips to see how it goes before I do the 5000 mile adventure. More to come