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  1. ChristopheS

    XLADV Project Bike: KTM 990

    It's good to see you ride, these big bikes just beg to go into the trails! a few notes on your comments: My right foot heel touched the rear brake cylinder, so I moved the cylinder inwards slightly with a few SS spacers (same problem on all 990 models, I did the same mod on ADV and SMT) I had to cut the fork protectors to leave space for the ABS+speedo sensor, image below (before and after!). You really should protect the engine case with the R&G plastics, because it wont be long before the SS teeth on the rubber-like Al brake pedal dig into the engine case... or worse. The radiator guards are a must if you are at risk of landing the bike hard... as are the rubber inserts in the rider's pants! The R front suspension upgrade (with an extra strong spring) is the best money I spent on the bike. It's tall now, so for my height I had to drop the forks ~1cm on the front (and I have tried ~3cm but I lost too much ground clearance so I raised them back to 1cm, perfect for me) The OEM gearing 17x41 is too long for trails, so I am now at 16x45 and that is comfortable. I used TuneECU to smoothen the throttle, because it is very touchy and the rear spins easily with OEM map.
  2. ChristopheS

    KTM 990 Adventure (2012)


    Great adventure bike once the mods have been done. [IMG]http://i1129.photobucket.com/albums/m514/csuzor/KTM/P1010688_zpsoyxtivmn.jpg[/IMG]
  3. ChristopheS

    KTM 990 Adventure 2012

    Great adventure bike once the mods have been done.
  4. ChristopheS

    XLADV Project Bike: KTM 990

    Yes, I have them on both the SMT and the ADV, they fit well and they have protected the engine case from multiple events, despite the bash plates. The rubber-like brake pedals on all KTMs bends and digs into the engines case, so I have even swapped out the cover (and the pedal) once after a major spill, and the engine case was untouched. The covers on both sides show battle scars.
  5. ChristopheS

    690 Adventure?

    I switched from the 690 R (with mods), which I used for single or multi-day adventures, to the 990 ADV (with mods) for the comfort, and I would not go back. The extra weight means the bike absorbs the rough terrain, rather than the rider, and while it can get tiring lifting her back up after a fall, I avoid falling more than a couple of times a day. The mono also vibrates more, despite what anyone may say about the improvements to reduce vibrations. I can now ride for 8 - 12 hrs/day without hand or bum numbness, and in most situations ride just as fast off road because the suspension is working out, not me. Now, if they brought out a 800 ADV twin at 180kg dry with 25+ L fuel, I'd buy one without a second thought. That sounds like the 800GS, but I mean built tough (KTM style) with a real off-road attitude.
  6. ChristopheS

    Pirelli Scorpion Rally

    I am on my 2nd set of scorpion rallys for 990 ADV, 60% off road in the worst conditions (mud, sand, rocks) and the rest on road on the way to and from the off road areas. I went through 2 sets of karoo3 before that, and I dont know what the karoo3 has that this rally does not, but in comparison the karoo3 was very slippery in mud (no sideways traction) and not great forward traction either. The rally is LOUD on roads, but it gets hot and sticky there, even on wet roads, and it is great off road. I wish the knobbies would be taller, I get <2000km from my rear and 4000km from the front (but I change before losing too much grip, because there is no sense riding this bike with insufficient traction). This is now my preferred tire (and I liked the MT-21 on my 690 before, but I felt the scorpion was a better choice for the 990). I ride with 4mm UHD tubes, and at ~2 bar. Note, mounted on the wide 990 rim, the so-called 140/80/18 rear tire is 158mm wide, and very flat (and very impressive!).
  7. ChristopheS

    New Product: Warp 9 KTM 950 / 990 Adventure Wheels

    Sorry, I can't see it there, for KTM I only see wheels for smaller EXC/SX bikes. Are they available, and what is the price?
  8. ChristopheS

    New Product: Warp 9 KTM 950 / 990 Adventure Wheels

    I could not find these wheels on your web site. Can you provide a link or update the web site? thanks.
  9. ChristopheS

    XLADV Project Bike: KTM 990

    The 990ADV is a great bike, the most important mod is to fix the soft front suspension with a stiffer spring, and get the extra 50mm travel from the R version plungers, or something more custom. I also recommend putting a high mud guard from 690 R or SMC (it's only a matter of time before the OEM tire hugger gets ripped out in the mud), and it needs molded engine case covers (there is a well known brand that makes them). There are other mods I've done, and now the bike is truly capable off-road for long weekend trips.