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  1. gsadvrider

    BMW GS Adventure

  2. gsadvrider

    Withacoochee National Forest Ride 5/7

    Hi Bryan & John, Most likely I will join both of you on the ride; my GSA is ready for some action; with all the rain we had yesterday, I suspect it is going to be really muuuuddy!
  3. I'm getting one of those tow straps also, just in case it happens again. It was a great memorable ride, HE,HE,HE,HE!!!: 1) my eyeglasses broke midway thru the ride - rode without them half of the ride, could only see obstacles just before hitting them, 2) got stuck in that coffee/melted chocolaty/swiss miss puddle, 3) my 8 yr old Sidi boots were desintegrating as we rode; was worried I would get back home just wearing my socks (the boots are in the trash can now), 4) had to chase 2 stranded riders in the group, 5) my bike started vibrating once I got to around 55 mph, stopped and found out the rear wheel had a few pounds of the chocolaty mud in the spokes (I guess the GSA wanted to keep a souvenier to remember the experience); when I stopped to fix it I felt this foul smell, looked to my right and to my surprise, there was this 8 footer dead/decomposing alligator, can't tell you how fast I got out of there! All in all, what a splendid ride; I'm still sore from the riding, dancing with my big girl in the sand at Richloam. Thanks again gentlemen for the memorable and exciting ride!, brought back memories of my hare scrambles/enduro racing FTR days but, also reminded me of my physical age (different from my much younger mental age)!, HA,HA,HA,HA!!! Let's do this again soon.
  4. Excellent ride last Saturday, I enjoyed every bit of it. Great group to ride with. Thanks again for helping pulling my GSA from that BMW swallowing @$%* deep water/coffee mud bog. Will do this again anytime.
  5. gsadvrider

    Big bike rally raid in Portugal

    Awesome video Nelson. Brings back memories of my enduro racing days. Saludos from Central Florida.
  6. gsadvrider

    Perfect beginning to the weekend...

    Hi Bryan, Yes, this time of the year in central FL is "ride when you can not when you want" due to the sudden thunderstorms. Last Sunday I went for a ride very early in the morning, in the Odessa area and came across a stranded rider on 54 due to a broken shifter. Luckily I had tools with me and was able to fix his bike after working on it for 35 minutes - I made a new friend - It was a good Sunday morning ride.
  7. gsadvrider

    Meandering around the central Florida (Tampa) countryside

    I'll ride with you too; I'll be able to brag about riding with evil (--sorry, --sick humor!) I'm in Lutz also (east of Dale Mabry) off US41 and Florida Ave; I solo ride those same areas on Sunday mornings before it gets really hot. Brian, probably we can coordinate a ride soon, I also would like to get off road, right now I have street tires on the bike, but my TKC80's should arrive by mid next week . Evil, Welcome to this awesome forum!
  8. gsadvrider

    Meandering around the central Florida (Tampa) countryside

    Very nice ride and report. I bought an '09 BMW GSA a few months ago and want to take it off road. I live in Lutz, FL (north Tampa) and do most of my solitary riding on sundays, around the Brooksville area, a lot a nice paved trails in that area. Croom is for dirt bikes, sand is too soft for heavy adv bikes and trails are mostly whoops. I competed in hare scrambles and enduros around FL with FTR but I'm not getting any younger and decided to slow down a bit that's how I got my GSA.