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  1. Hey Everyone! As always we hope the riding is going well for all of you! The season has been perfect thus far and we have done a lot this summer! Wanted to update everyone with whats been going on in Ecuador. We drove from Colombia into Ecuador, met with the Brosters BMW Riding Club and started another Motorrad Angels Chapter! We've been scouting out locations and yesterday we completed a project near Banos, Ecuador installing filters into communities without clean water. Check out the instagram post below! We are continuing to ride throughout Ecuador before progressing into Peru, so until then keep an eye out for updates and continue enjoying the riding season!
  2. I also forgot to mention these are located in Georgia, USA
  3. Hey Everyone, I am selling both a 2017 Black GSA 1200 & 2013 Red GS F700. Both are in excellent condition and cases along with extra accessories are included such as Clearwater lights etc. 2017 Black GSA 1200 Mileage: 29,000 miles Asking Price: $17,750.00 OBO 2013 Red GS F700 Low Mileage Asking Price: $5,750.00 OBO Please feel free to ask questions here or text at +1(404) 281-5592
  4. Hey Everyone! Tom and Dennis have made it to Ecuador! On the way they passed through Pasto, Colombia and came across more Venezuelan refugees walking. They were able to feed them lunch and leave them with a fresh pair of Bombas socks. They were very well received and much needed! Having a good pair of socks go a long way and help to reduce having problems with the foot such as blisters when making such a long trek. Check out the post on instagram!
  5. Hey Everyone! If you haven't seen already through instagram, our new video is up! It is a recap of our project in Colombia helping the Venezuelan refugees. Filmed and Edited by @joshskolnikphotos (instagram handle). Josh volunteered his time and came along on this project and not only took some incredible photos, but made one awesome video! The link is down below for YouTube, but it is also on our website! Safe riding everyone!
  6. So as promised, I have received the photos from the previous weekend project in Morelia, Mexico! What an incredible project. Teaming up, Motorrad Angels Mexico and Care4Water was able to provide 500 people with clean water! They conducted the water filter installations in 5 health centers, 4 communities, and 1 orphanage. Not only were they helping a huge amount of people they were able to have one awesome adventure too! They are planning on conducting more projects in the area for a possible 10 more health centers. So more info on that is to come! Safe riding everyone!
  7. Hey Everyone, Apologies for the tad bit of quietness here. Been a little busy with some cool stuff going on! So prepare yourself, words are coming! Recently with the help of @XLADV we have acquired 1500 pairs of socks provided graciously by Bombas to be distributed to the Venezuelan refugees! We are working on getting more clothing from other companies that will better equip the refugees walking. We also have completed some more projects within Mexico and Guatemala. As of today the clean water projects in Mexico are underway. I'll be sure to post pictures when they come in. And the project in Guatemala was a huge success, they rode into the mountains to a rurally located school of about 420 students that had no access to clean water. There they completed the filter installations and enough to provide everyone and more with potable water. They are planning another water project in mid-to late July so if you are traveling through Guatemala and want to be involved. Let us know! [email protected] More updates and awesome rad photos to come!
  8. Hey Everyone! Hope those who made it out to the Mohave National Preserve rally had a blast. Saw lots of pictures! Would be lying if I said I wasn't jealous 😏. Anyways all is good with the Motorrad Angels, just wanted to give an update to everybody. We are planning for our next project to go back to CĂșcuta, Colombia and continue assisting the Venezuelan refugees. As some of you know, from here, our instagram, or XLADV IG Live, the situation is continuing to worsen and people are still in need of desperate help. More action is needed! While we did a medical mission stationed 1km away from the border, we helped those walking, and this second time we plan on doing so much more than we already did for the refugees who are mobile. We have been strategizing and have some things in the works to help with this next project! If you are interested in joining please consider coming! If you are planning your next big trip, come with us and have an adventure while helping those in need. We always have a great time, see beautiful places all while riding an XLADV! Hope to see you there! Contact: [email protected] Also here is the most recent post from our instagram highlighting the pharmacy Cruz Verde that supplied the medicine for the mission!
  9. Very Exciting News! We recently got together with MPOWERD who is a company that makes solar inflatable lights, yet they are have a program where you can purchase a light to be given to NGOs, we just became a part of that program! So for Earth Day we are being highlighted as a program partner so that any light you purchase through their Luci GIVE program, they will send us the light to be distributed where it is needed most. Some of you know that recently on our project in CĂșcuta we were able to give out 500 solar lights to the refugees walking. Programs like these and having the relationship with companies like MPOWERD are so crucial to helping those in need! Please share with your friends! As always safe riding! HOW IT WORKS: Buy a light through our GIVE Luci program. Your GIVE light goes directly to Motorrad Angels. Motorrad Angels will deliver them to where they are needed most. https://mpowerd.com/products/give-luci-to-motorrad
  10. Hey Everybody! As always, I hope the rides are rockin' and rollin! I want to take the time to highlight certain folks, I made a post to our Instagram (which I will post down below) and I also want to share the same with the XLADV community. So for this week, a huge thanks goes out to the riders involved in our CĂșcuta health mission. Tom, @Dennis Godwin, & Eric were rockstars and without them it would be very difficult for the team to be in different places at the same time. While many of us were at the base camp assisting individuals with medical/dental needs, the A-Team (Tom, Dennis, & Eric) were able to assist different areas around CĂșcuta and help the refugees who are actively walking. They provided new pairs of shoes, solar lights, and transportation. They also conducted a clean water project to a community 30min away from the base camp that gave 26 families clean water. So this week is for them and that we couldn't do this without our riders!
  11. Wow wow wow wow! There are so many more words to describe our past project assisting the Venezuelan refugees/Colombians with medical & dental care in CĂșcuta, Colombia. To start off, from March 23rd to 30th we were able to assist 3,657 people! Among many more of those who are continuing to walk from CĂșcuta to the many other cities around Colombia. Our riders found that many people start walking from CĂșcuta making their way towards Pamplona which drastically increases in elevation getting colder and colder. Many refugees only have the clothes on their back along with one backpack and are not well equipped to traverse where they are going. We were able to provide many with new shoes, solar lights, and transportation! While our riders were in Pamplona and other various locations helping those who were mobile, our health mission was in full swing from 8am to 6pm. The first day was quite the shock for some of us as individuals were lined up down the street already waiting to receive proper care and more followed each day thereafter. It was a very cool experience for some of us who do not speak fluent Spanish as were able to play various games with the children there adding some mental health uplift to their day! Everyone who was apart of this project was amazing and to those who couldn't make it but have supported us, thank you! Please keep donating and helping our cause. For lots of pictures from our photographer Josh Skolnik please visit https://www.motorradangels.org/venezuelan-relief-photos/ Safe riding everyone!
  12. Hey Everyone! As always I hope the riding is good and the adventure plenty! We are super close to our next big project in CĂșcuta, Colombia where we will be assisting the Venezuelan Refugees. It will take place March 23-31, 2019. In addition to the already established assistance we have arranged, we will be distributing 500 solar inflatable lights kindly given to us by MPOWERD and I believe 450 pairs of shoes. These additions are crucial to the Venezuelans coming in, they walk countless miles a day without basic necessities and we hope this will improve their situation. We need your help though! Please support the people coming into Colombia by making a donation to www.motorradangels.org/donate as every little bit helps 😊Also if you are a medical professional and wish to be involved please contact me at [email protected]
  13. Hey Everyone! The weather is getting warmer (in some parts 😏) and that only means one thing.. jumping in the saddle for a ride! Everything here at Motorrad Angels is going well and steady. We are still gearing up and continuing to strategize for our trip to the Venezuelan border to assist the refugees. I don't know if I have mentioned this before, but we will have a professional videographer/photographer traveling with us to CĂșcuta to film the project! He is a good friend of ours out of the ole Windy City Chicago and loves what we are doing! So everyone will be able to see the project afterwards and the life changing experience both the refugees, local Colombians, and riders will have. We are still in need of volunteers to help with fundraising so if you are available please reach out to me at [email protected]! In other news, our chapters in Mexico are doing a great job with conducting projects and have been gaining some serious attention. Here is them on the cover of MoteroADV!
  14. Hey Everyone! As always hoping the rides to the new season are going well and maybe some of you are already enjoying the new BDR California! We have been working on some pretty awesome stuff recently. Before the holidays we were talks with a coffee roasting company out of Athens, Georgia known as Jittery Joes Coffee. They are a very prominent coffee company throughout Georgia and make some amazing java. They roast their own product and we are teaming up with them to produce a Clean Water Blend so that every purchase a portion goes towards supporting Motorrad Angels! Everything is still not finalized just yet with some more things to get ready such as designing the can etc. Also we have created a new partnership with the company MPOWERD, they make solar powered inflatable lights and have donated 500 lights to be distributed to Venezuelan refugees on our next project! I will post links to both companies down below for you all to get a better inside look of who they are đŸ€˜đŸ‘Š. Safe riding everyone! https://jitteryjoes.com/ https://mpowerd.com/
  15. Hey Everyone! I hope you enjoyed the holidays and had a good start to the new year! Riding season is just around the corner đŸ€Ÿ. We have some exciting things planned for 2019 with our first project (as some of you know) being in CĂșcuta, Colombia assisting the Venezuelan refugees coming over. We are continuing to plan extensively and will soon be ready to execute come late February/early March. I will be in Athens next week to have a meeting with a potentially new and exciting sponsor (more to come later on!). We also have recently been featured in the BMW Riders Association's OTL magazine on page 50, so please be sure to check it out if you have a subscription and if you don't its never too late to sign up! Its a great magazine 😊. Stay tuned for more!
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