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  1. I did end up with a set of RallZ on the 990. About 2700 miles on them so far. Did about 1500 of that riding the TCAT. Ranged from sand to easy gravel to nasty loose gravel, to rock infested hills to pavement. All of the miles two up with full camping luggage I'm very happy with how they have performed. Excellent traction. Yeah, sand still sucks, but that's my lack of skill! On pavement, predictable lean in, zero traction issues even on wet pavement (though I don't push it on the wet stuff). I did discover they don't offer much traction on wet logs though! [emoji16] Longevity is a bit to early to predict, but I do think 5000 miles or more is reasonable on the rear. Front maybe not. It actually is seems to be wearing quicker than rear. I'll post some tread depth measurements once I get a chance to get them...a bit of objective data is always good. Compared to my prior favorite, the GT723, I'd say they perform as good maybe better off pavement, clearly better on. My biggest complaint? The front is one noisy tire at 65 plus mph. Really noisy....way more than GT723.
  2. Hearing that, I think I am going to give the RallZ a shot. Tread pattern up front is a good bit different, and from what I understand works way better than the original TA, or the TA MK2. Rear looks much more open and id suspect be better in mud etc. I was totally geeked about the 823. Ive had a couple sets of the 723 and really like them. I suspect you would like them as well. I doubt you would get the mileage out of them that I have (you are much more abusive to tires!), but for how aggressive they are, getting the mileage I have out of them is impressive. The 823 sounded like it might last a tad longer and perform the same or better. Ive been emailing back and forth with Dax since I first heard of the 823's in March. Originally it sounded like late spring early summer to hit the US, but now he is saying September. I REALLY wanted to try those out.
  3. I am considering some RallZ tires for my 990. Eric, you mentioned 4200 miles, and expected more - what did you end up getting out of them? Anyone else? Im currently using Goldentyre GT723s and have loved them. I have been very happy with longevity having gotten just over 4500 miles out of the rear (that was pushing it to the bitter end). I am pretty easy on tires - though the vast majority of my riding is two up. The GT723 has been discontinued, and its replacement, the GT823, is not expected to arrive in the US until September. I am hoping the Rallz might offer even more miles. I dont expect them to be as good off pavement, but am OK with a bit of a compromise.
  4. I just removed an 804 that lasted 8,600 miles on my 990. Was cupping a good bit and didn't do well off pavement any more. But it is good bang for the buck. I hated the 805 however. Horrible in gumbo mud with poor lateral traction. In the dry, it's a good tire. It lasted around 6,000 miles. Both do well on pavement. For me, I wanted better yet off pavement, so went to the Goldentyre GT 723.
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