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    Racer Gloves USA Mickey Glove

    Shout out to Lee Block and Racer Gloves USA. I bought a set of the "Mickey Gloves" at the June Touratech Rally, for dual sport riding. I chose that model because it had armor on the palm and knuckles, and because it cinched around the wrist firmly so the glove wouldn't creep on the grips. The glove is designed with a natural curl so it fits the grips and doesn't bunch up on the palm. As far as fit goes, I have fat hands, but short fingers. I chose the Medium size because the fingers were shorter, even though slipping them over my fist was a bit tight at first but they loosened up after a few hours. I found I could easily operate the touch screen on my Garmin Monterra wearing these gloves, but for icons that were very small I had to remove them to make a screen command. An application of screen juice on the tips of the fingers will solve that problem. I wore these gloves on a recent ID BDR trip. At the end of the journey my hands were blister-free. Usually on a long ride I get blisters and calluses, but not with these gloves. I also wore them on some hard trail rides on the KTM, busting thru the branches with my knuckles. They worked as advertised - that armor works! They exceeded my expectations. I don't like spending $117 for a pair of gloves, but these were worth every penny, and more. Much more.