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  1. Brad R

    Videos of Big Bikes Being Ridden Well!

    Learning how to do this on my GS took a considerable amount of time even though I was really good at it on smaller bikes like my DR650. There is a lot less room for error or misplaced weight. Smooth Brake and throttle action while sliding a bike comes with practice and confidence. This is a maneuver which I feel helps build confidence on and off road!
  2. Brad R

    Hellooo XLADV'ers!

    bummer dude...
  3. Brad R

    Hellooo XLADV'ers!

    Been living in San Cristobal, MX for the past few weeks. I got a nice apartment here for under 200 USD a month, has a garage for the MOTO!! I've really been enjoying the people and culture this far south. Tacos are amazing too of course... Anywho, sometimes I take pictures, I like pictures, I attached some pictures. A few from when I rode out to Palenque the day after a tourist bus was held up...snuck through! It was a 12 hour round trip ride and all the way down to sea level from 6600 feet..then back up. Some Great Twistys!! I'll have to give San Cristobal, MX a big thumbs up for anyone who wanted to visit for a day or even a month. Ride to Palenque Vid HERE ADV ON friends!
  4. Brad R

    Videos of Big Bikes Being Ridden Well!

    Engine was on....wish I had set up a second camera to give an idea of how steep it was. As for the gloves...I hate gloves. The only times I actually wear gloves is a few seconds before my fingers freeze and fall off. I am also a huge proponent of safety gear...which in direct opposition to not wearing gloves. I could never find a pair that actually fit. I always felt like the gloves were compromising my control...
  5. Brad R

    Videos of Big Bikes Being Ridden Well!

    Lockhart Basin Steep Section- Those who have ridden Utahs Backcountry Discovery Route, know about Lockhart Basin...without a doubt the steepest and most challenging portion of the BDR. One of the reasons making this one of the most dangerous portions of the ride is due to its remote location. What may be considered a small issue on the side of the road could easily be fatal in the Lockhart Basin. This is one of the steeper sections I rode a few years ago...I was basically leading my R1200GS as it slid/fell down the trail. I would not recommend attempting the Lockhart Basin solo, no matter what bike you ride or skill level you are. Don't go toe to toe with the dessert...You may loose.
  6. Brad R

    Hellooo XLADV'ers!

    will do buddy!
  7. Brad R

    Hellooo XLADV'ers!

    If this is supposed to be about I guess I should post this as well... Recently interviewed by LIMITLESS PURSUITS about my 3 month INDIA ride. INDIA will always hold a special place in my heart. The people you meet along your journey will, in the end be the best part of the trip. Verry happy to have been able to meet each and every person along my continued motorcycle journeys. https://limitlesspursuits.com/land/motorcycling/brad-ringstmeiers-incredible-indian-motorcycle-adventure/
  8. Thanks, yes please follow! You know its a really adventure when you end up asking for community support....lol, lots of moving parts on this one. So exited to see the gears moving!
  9. Brad R

    Hellooo XLADV'ers!

    Thanks for the support ERIC! I very happy to be part of the XLADV community
  10. Brad R

    Hellooo XLADV'ers!

    Hi Jason! I do post to Instagram https://www.instagram.com/perpetualmoto/ I have a really cheap smartphone I bought in INDIA...causing my phone pics to look like they were taken on a potato. I generally transfer the pics from my SLR...which takes time and I get sleepy easily. An Insta-note I'm riding a purpose built DR650 to South America. Made the (very hard) decision to leave the 1200GS and 800GSA back home. Made this decision after A few separate trips in Mexico where I got myself into the old "Now I need parts for my bike and I'm in Baja"...also, I've been getting more and more adventurous, deeper water crossings, steeper trails...etc. After I rode the Lockhart Basin solo on my loaded GS I decided to add the DR to the stable. I agree the DR may not be a "XLADV" bike tho...
  11. Brad R

    Hellooo XLADV'ers!

    hmmm, not sure I want to send the wrong signals, LOL!
  12. Thanks dude - You're speedy! I see you got passed "Judge Silently" That's why YOU are an Advanced Member! I appreciate your comment.
  13. Brad R

    Hellooo XLADV'ers!

    Thanks "Advanced Member"...oh wait thats not your name...Is that your status? I'm impressed! Now I wanna be advanced. Just another wish in the bucket of life... Honestly, I'm just happy that all those key stokes made it on the interwebz I guess I clicked the right things!
  14. Hey XLADV'ers I wanted to share this one thing I'm doing. I'm bad at sharing. Please judge silently, please So this one time I sent an email to Lockheed Martin that said, "Hey dudes, I'm working with this Non-Profit called The Muskoka Foundation (a 501(c)3) and we are trying to get laptops to my buddies school way out in the Jungle of Cambodia. So, you guys down to give me some laptops or what?" --some time passed-- They replied,"Hey Buddy, how many do you need? Is 40 enough?" --I waited a bit, cuz I didnt want to be creepy or anything-- I replied, "Sure" So now we have all these laptops we need to mule into Cambodia...First world problems right? Well, I put together a team of riders from 3 different countries, two from India, 3 from the USA, well 4 if you count me, and one from Canada. 2 moto-ladies and 4 strapping moto-lads I want to tell you all about the trip but I'll be honest, this post alone took me 2 weeks to write! So I think I'm gonna outline the trip in sections, lets be honest 90% of you clicked away after reading "Judge Silently" I get it, no worries, LOL! Heres a short video about the trip...gonna do 4 more, got a lot of people to introduce...so click the link thing if you are interested..if you already clicked away I understand, cuz well Internets are fun to click around on. Ride Safe out there! -Brad
  15. Brad R

    Hi from Canada!

    WOW, like a dream...