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  1. Chris Owens

    High Sierra 2018

    I'm hoping to be up there before dark Thursday, if that's acceptable. Do I check in at the office or just look for the group?
  2. Chris Owens

    High Sierra 2018

    I don't think I have any tracks for this area.
  3. Chris Owens

    High Sierra 2018

    Would one of those big roads South to Bishop be Casa Diablo Road? I remember the scenery was great but don't remember what the road condition was like.
  4. Chris Owens

    High Sierra 2018

    This doable on an old Vstrom 650? I was going to be a last minute sign up with my DR650 but found metal in the my DR's crank case yesterday. Now I'm thinking I just bring the commuter bike up on some Shinko 705s. All I remember from riding there a couple years ago was all the sand on the Coyote Flats ride, a bunch of hot springs, and the way up to White Mt was steep and rocky. Maybe I just stick to some road touring on the Strom?
  5. Chris Owens

    High Sierra 2017

    Take me off the wait list please. That'll give the next guy a quicker shot if things open up. I won't procrastinate next time, health permitting.