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  1. Ron_West

    LAB2V 2019 Adventure Route

    Just watched your Intagram Live (ok, late so recorded). Great idea Eric. I think in true ADV style a "camp out" instead of the traditional Hotel / Motel in Barstow might be fun (and probably cold). Great idea about the coffee stands too. Think you could get Starbucks on board, or are they pissed about your Beyond Starbucks logo? Per Mike Neagle's comment, did they it they max out the 550 this year? Ron
  2. Ron_West

    CA BDR South

  3. Just a heads up this Saturday night, Long Beach BMW will be presenting the California Premiere of the first BDR to be on the East Coast, the Mid Atlantic Backcountry Discovery Route. It's a free event, Reach out to Long Beach BMW for Details. https://www.longbeachbmwmotorcycles.com/