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  1. He's still pretty sore. But, fun to make him laugh.
  2. XLADV'ers, XMXVET rides a KLR650 and the only reason he had to work to keep up was the HP advantage of the 690 and 701. This boy tosses around that KLR like a 450 mx bike! John, you were on it dude! And, a great day... right up to the point where the 701 decide to bite throttle jockey Steve. "Respect the 701!" - this bike has some hit from the mid range on up. Steve is the Kamikaze rider of the group. Had a perfect power slide at speed through a long, sandy sweeper, but just past the apex, he never let up! Tire managed to find traction, front tire lofted, yada, yada, yada, "Can't breath, ribs broken!" Fortunately x-rays only show deep, deep bruising... Heal up soon Steve. Time to ride!!!! John's ready too! Oh, and those Doubletake Mirrors took a hard hit, folded up, but no damage. Good stuff you make there Ned!
  3. If I have to drag or pull my bike every 100 yards, I don't want to ride it. Nothing to prove, just wanna have fun. I remember the days of riding stuff for the conquest and bragging rights. It was fun at the time, but no longer.
  4. I look at that and think, mad skills, but a whole lotta work! As in, that doesn't look like a day of fun, but more a day of proving that you can make something do something that isn't necessarily at home. Impressive none the less!
  5. Could have fooled me. Try not to lose too much sleep over the fact that some riders simply don't want TC and this personal preference is all that matters. Read the topic title... I shared my preferences and you proceed to try to convince me how wrong I am. You win. You know more than me and must ride better that me. Better?
  6. What else competes with it? Nothing. XR650L is close, and so is the KLR 650.... not. The only electronic aid is ABS, it gets turned off when off the pavement and I conceded it's flat out better on the street. Just kiillin' you that that I don't agree with you on TC, isn't it. Hey, ok if you need nanny control vs. throttle & clutch control.
  7. Herzlich willkommen! Last couple of photos looks like some of the places I've ridden in the desert SW stateside. Thx for sharing!
  8. I think the tech is fine. I just don't want it packaged in a way that to get the better suspension and engine, I have to buy the electrics gizmo package. Cost and complexity on stuff I don't need. But, I get that brands do what sells and I very well may be the exception. 160 hp in the wet is easy when you have good clutch and throttle control. Part of being an good rider is reading the conditions and adjusting your inputs accordingly.
  9. I'll confess that ABS on the street when it's wet is nice. But, I've only ridden with it for the last 3 years, less than 10% of my riding years. I like it, but it's not a must have. I'd buy a bike w/o it if it checked the rest of the boxes.
  10. 5 speed in my Jeep TJ, the way God intended. I think you're getting what I'm saying... some of us want to the raw, mechanical experience of riding the bike w/o the 'puter dialing in what it thinks we want.
  11. Whatever makes you feel like your won the argument. I'm good with that. Like I said, if you need all that stuff, enjoy! I'll keep my bikes simple, powerful, and continue to use my brain and skills to keep me out of the cheap seats. My longevity riding is all the proof I need.
  12. I have an idea? Don't ride over your head for the conditions? Now, that's harder for a noob to know where there is, but not for me and many experienced riders. Again, happy you like it. More power to you. I simply don't want it nor do I want the added cost and complexity.
  13. KTM 120 SAR commerical. But, some good info in there too.
  14. Are you racing MotoGP or Dakar? Most aren't and as a dirt rider of over 35 years, I don't care about every second of forward drive that factors into a win. In fact, I find it hella fun on a my 690 to powerslide from corner to corner, grinning from ear to ear. I'm good if you like it, but no thanks. I simply don't want nor need it. Again, 35+ years of off-road time, from muddy clay trails of Hawaii & the Pac NW, to the Rocky Mountains, and deserts of the SW. It adds cost and complexity that most that came form the dirt bike side don't want. I think you're also missing the element of conquering a trail by YOUR skills, not with electronic aids. Same reason Ferrari has a track mode that turns off all the aids, so the driver can fully control the machine. I've been around dirt bike riders my entire like and most don't want stuff like this. Hell, some even balk at a hydro clutch b/c cables are just so damn simple. But, I love the Magura on my 690. Butta smooth. Turning it off is good. Not making me pay for it is better.
  15. Most review systems, such as cnet, amazon, etc... don't allow images in line with the text because if there are a lot of reviews, it makes the page very, very long. 70% of our traffic is on mobile, so with a lot of images, it can make for tons of scrolling. So, we didn't build in in-line image functionality, even if possible.