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  1. Use registration email address and password vs. user name and pw.
  2. Selling for a "friend". Not sure why the VIN is ground off the frame, but...
  3. No LD... But, over 700 miles of local dual sporting and as much single and doubletrack trails as we can find! Really enjoy ripping on the trails. These bikes make for awesome at speed powerslides in long, sandy sweepers. Zero issues outside of too many smiles. I've ridden both and are great! The KTM has more oooomph down low and is more linear in its power delivery. The Husqnarna is a bit softer down low, but has a strong mid-range surge to redline. Both are hella fun to ride. I prefer the overall feel of my KTM, but that's not to say that I would have issue loving the 701. The are very close, but I'd say that power delivery is what defines the greatest difference between the two.
  4. Thanks for sharing Tracy! I'll return the favor... Here's one from my trip last summer up the columbia river gorge outside of Portland Oregon. Great day on some rented F800GSs. Really impressed w/ the bike too.
  5. Heck yas! I have Colorado Back Country Discovery Route in the calendar for summer 2018 and your pics make me completely jazzed! Wow!
  6. Yup, you landed in the right spot Tracy! Glad to know you! I best you have some awesome and beautiful riding stories from your neck of the woods. Canada has so much epic ADV riding terrain. Any pics or video to share? Mountains preferably... The tallest thing where I live is a bridge!
  7. MY 2018 R 1200 GS / R 1200 GS Adventure (arriving September 2017) Options The long-awaited Connectivity (with TFT display) option will be available beginning with September production, providing quick and clear information to riders with the least possible distraction from the road: $600 MSRP includes On-Board Computer (a $150 value) $450 MSRP for when ordered with the Premium Package (which already includes On-Board Computer) 6.5” TFT display with a wide range of settings, information and features Ability to pair the bike with a smartphone and operate functions via the Multi-Controller. Requires a Bluetooth headset (e.g. the BMW Motorrad Communication System). Additional functions: o Phone calls and music playback (no app required) o In conjunction with the free ‘BMW Motorrad Connected App’: -- Basic Navigation with turn-by-turn arrow display -- Vehicle status -- Ability to record routes and display ride statistics and information For further details on Connectivity optional equipment from BMW Motorrad, visit:
    When I get a new bikes, there is always some tweaking necessary to make it home. A number of years ago I started riding on over-sized foot pegs, I've grown to love them, so it's one of the first things I swap out. Recently, I picked up a 2017 KTM 690 Enduro R and while the stock foot pegs offered plenty of grip, they just felt tiny. I jumped on the interwebz to see what options were out there and I came across a picture of the Fasst Company Impact Adventure Foot Pegs. They looked awesome and I'll admit, the splash of KTM Orange caught my eye. KTM guys... The unique feature of the Impact Adventure Foot Peg is that its bolt-on foot bed is completely isolated from its base by an elastomer. The idea is to reduce vibration and harshness from being transmitted to the rider. Not that I specifically set out to find something like this, but the approach made sense, the rest of the foot peg met my needs, so I figured there was no down-side to trying it. Fasst Company Impact Foot Peg elastomers come in 6 Flavors. Installation A couple of minutes per side with basic hand tools. Happy to report that the included springs aren't overly stiff like others I've installed that can make it way harder than it needs to be. The new cotter pins are longer than needed for the 690 Enduro R, but a pair of dykes fixed em' right up. Performance I'm going to jump right into talking about how they dampen vibration & shock because I think that's what most really want to know. At first, I thought about how I'd measure vibration vs. the stock foot pegs, but after some reading and talking with the Fasst Company guys, doing so was far outside my capabilities and budget. So, butt dyno it is! But, isn't that how the rest of you are going to judge them? Versus the ultra smooth 800cc in-line triple of my last bike, the 690 Enduro R's big single has a lot more vibration. Nothing to whine about on the trails or on 45 mph back-roads, but with fairly aggressive DOT knobbies, as the speed picks up, so do the vibes. While you still feel stuff through the foot pegs, the repeating, high-frequency vibration patterns of the engine are just about gone. My riding partner is on the 2017 Husqvarna 701 Enduro that not only has less aggressive DOT knobbies (TKC80s), the 701 has an all new mill with a 2nd counterbalancer. We traded bikes half way through the day and despite his smoother bike, he said that the Impact Adventure Foot Pegs on my 690 definitely felt smoother. So, for the slabbin' we do to get to the trails or connecting trails on higher speed hard-packed dirt roads with lots of square edged bumps & washboard, the reduced vibes is appreciated, even the feeling isn't overwhelming. But, you have to think cumulatively. Less vibes and shock over the course of a full day or a multi-day riding trip adds up to more comfort and less micro trauma. The later might not matter to the younguns', but as you age, it becomes more valuable. Since the off-road terrain I ride in central Florida is overwhelmingly soft sand and you couldn't find a rock if your life depended upon it, I'm not sure that I've really put the product through its full paces when it comes to shock reduction. However, I'll be up in NE Tennessee over the summer where I'll encounter plenty of embedded rock with squared edged hits. I'll report back then, so check back if you're interested. In terms of feel, control, and grip, the Fasst Company Impact Adventure Foot Pegs are great. The generous 4 3/4" X 2 3/8" foot bed means there is always a comfortable position to be had and it gives you extra leverage that is valuable when riding a heavier bike. Boot grip has been perfect, but to be fair, we don't have greasy mud where I ride, so your mileage may vary. Access to foot control was unaffected from stock, something I didn't have issue with anyway. Bryan's Bottom-line I really like my Fasst Company Impact Adventure Foot Pegs. Vibration & shock absorbing tech aside, they are competitively priced in the category and do everything that you've expect from a premium over-sized foot peg. Add the vibration & shock absorbing tech back into the equation and you have a winning combination. Not that I'd buy the product purely for the elastomers, but they are absolutely an added bonus to an already solid foot peg. Check em' out @ As an aging rider, I'll now never not know what bike is mine. Thx Fasst Company!
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    An Adventure Foot Peg with Proven Purpose. A larger platform with better peg traction & much improved comfort . The Impact Adventure Peg, Patent # US 6390488, accomplishes this by isolating the large cleat from touching metal to metal, resulting in the rider experiencing less vibration and abuse transferred to the foot. With the Impact Adventure Peg you'll have more leverage, while your foot stays better planted, resulting in your feet, ankles and knees feeling better. This adds up to a better day on the bike. How does it perform? Proofed out in the notoriously choppy, teeth chattering, West Rim in Southern Utah, a trail that is initially so harsh with slick rock ripples many find an alternate route to the “good stuff.” This was the perfect proving ground for the Impact Peg, as often riders feet vibrate or bounce off of the pegs from the continual chatter. With the Impact Moto Peg the harshness of the rocks was squelched, the riders feet stayed on the pegs, and brutality of the notorious chop tamed. Further the slick rock drops provided the perfect opportunity to test the how the Impact Moto Peg performed on massive impacts. Our test riders repeatedly launched big rocks to flat landings, noticing none of the sharp pain or sting shooting through their feet to their lower back as they would with any other peg. What is the Impact Moto Peg made out of? Both the cleat and the base are made out of 7075 T6 aluminum, providing the best structural integrity and wear resistance. The cleat is 112mm long by 60mm wide to provide a large platform with extra leverage often needed on large adventure bikes. 13 5mm Inserts are positioned for optimal traction and wear resistance. The base is shot peened and anodized, while the cleat is hard anodized for wear resistance. The cleat is isolated from touching metal to metal through our base elastomer on the bottom, and cup elastomers on top. 10.9 bolts secure the cleat to the base, making the Impact Moto Peg not only the best performing, but the strongest aluminum peg on the market. Models: Currently we only offer the Adventure Impact Pegs for KTM Adventure bikes, old chassis KTM/Husqvarnas (pre '16) and Husqvarna 701. We should have Adventure Pegs available for BMW, Triumph, the African Twin and Yamaha's Super Tenere shortly. Features Absorbs vibration and abuse. The elastomer absorbs vibration allowing your feet to remain better planted on the pegs. High-frequency abuse like spikes, jolts, and bumps are also dramatically reduced through the cushion of the elastomer. Exceptional traction A combination of our tooth profile coupled with minimized vibration, and larger platform (112mm x 60mm,) literally grabs hold of the bottom of your boot. Hard Anodized 7075 T6 Aluminum Provides exceptional construction, strength and wear resistance. Down and back. The KTM Impact Adventure Peg is a 1/2" down and back to open ergos, providing more room on the bike.
  9. email address and pw, not user name and pw. That should fix it.
  10. Details @
  11. He's still pretty sore. But, fun to make him laugh.
  12. XLADV'ers, XMXVET rides a KLR650 and the only reason he had to work to keep up was the HP advantage of the 690 and 701. This boy tosses around that KLR like a 450 mx bike! John, you were on it dude! And, a great day... right up to the point where the 701 decide to bite throttle jockey Steve. "Respect the 701!" - this bike has some hit from the mid range on up. Steve is the Kamikaze rider of the group. Had a perfect power slide at speed through a long, sandy sweeper, but just past the apex, he never let up! Tire managed to find traction, front tire lofted, yada, yada, yada, "Can't breath, ribs broken!" Fortunately x-rays only show deep, deep bruising... Heal up soon Steve. Time to ride!!!! John's ready too! Oh, and those Doubletake Mirrors took a hard hit, folded up, but no damage. Good stuff you make there Ned!
  13. If I have to drag or pull my bike every 100 yards, I don't want to ride it. Nothing to prove, just wanna have fun. I remember the days of riding stuff for the conquest and bragging rights. It was fun at the time, but no longer.