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  1. I can ride sweep and or EMT with who ever has a 4x4. 🤘🏼 Coz @@madhatter_moto 11is leaving me for Alaska.
  2. Tons of guys there in the LA area. Hit me up when you ride down towards San Diego.
  3. Well, looks like we have a team!
  4. Well, between the Yeti and I, we can lift that sucker uphill. ?
  5. So we are doing the LAB2V on XLADV bikes on the regular course NOT the Starbucks route? right!
  6. Jeeeez...I seem to have a reputation :P
  7. Depending on the days, I'd come to be the pit doc and bad company!
  8. Some Pics from my camera(s) video-1510341803.mp4
  9. I'll be there on Saturday! I live in San Diego and thats my go to half day ride I'll share mine on the weekend.
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