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  1. Depending on the days, I'd come to be the pit doc and bad company!
  2. Some Pics from my camera(s) video-1510341803.mp4
  3. Redbull...gives you wings
  4. look out for the blue GSA
  5. I'll be there on Saturday! I live in San Diego and thats my go to half day ride I'll share mine on the weekend.
  6. You had me at butthurt. I wish I could just ride whenever and wherever at any time...somebody needs to teach the future of my profession. Long rides have longer hangovers. You have done a phenomenal job at building this community and bringing riders together. Bravo.
  7. Thank you, Sam. That's US 212 Beartooth Highway from Cody, WY to Red Lodge, MT. One of my top 5 roads I've ridden on.
  8. Thank you Eric!
  9. Hi Gang, I've been adv'ing for a while, but never joined an official forum. Lived and continue to live the lone wolf riding lifestyle with an occasional small group ride. But that does not negate the sense of community that has developed over the internet. I am a "non-denominational" biker. Which means, I love motorcycles for motorcycles irrespective of brand and types... If I had a choice (I = my wife), there'd be one of each kind and a huge barn!! I started out at the age of 14 on my father's 1977 Ideal Jawa (Checkoslovakian motorcycle...still got it 40 years young). Since then I've owned a few Royal Enfields and Yamahas. Currently, I ride a '08 Harley Davidson Roadking (aka Irene) and a '16 BMW R1200 GSA (Tia). My online presence is under my name on Facebook - Harsimran Baweja (Sim) or the moniker of @moto.therapist on Instagram (after someone from xladv pointed out that without the period it read moto-the-rapist! without any spaces ) and twitter. A function of my being a professor is I get summers off when my students are out. That allows me to cruise the world at my pace over the summer. Some long rides a.k.a unplugged vision quests of the past have involved riding back country rides to anywhere with no cellular coverage ( a must to get away from emails). All of them are memorable...some include all National Parks in the lower 45 of 48 states over multiple trips, the ride to Khardungla Pass and Leh (India) the highest motorable roads in the world on the Himalayas, on a Royal Enfield. During the rest of the year when I am planning rides, my research focuses on how modified brain responses from - injury, distraction, aging etc influence driving ability in virtual simulations on a driving simulator...trying to make the roads a safer place for all (especially us). As for the next vision quest (Early Summer 2018) will be my longest solo ride to-date - Tropic to Arctic and back ~12K miles. I'll be riding from San Diego (home) to Cabo (Tropic of Cancer) to Prudhoe Bay (north of the Arctic Circle) and back....route yet to be mapped out. Preparations are always on. Suggestions for routes, things to do (and not do), couches to sleep on and anything else is always welcome. Cheers. Sim