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  1. Billiegoat

    Sonora Rally 2018

    You tackled and conquered those dunes on one of the best bikes for the ride ! Way to go eric !!
  2. Billiegoat

    Sonora Rally 2018

    Perfect ! Then you’ll want to buy one ??
  3. Billiegoat

    Sonora Rally 2018

    Dumont dunes and Glammis has been my favorite playground for years ? Go tear it up Eric!
  4. Billiegoat

    Solo Riding in Death Valley

    Thanks for all your feed back Marc Im feeling that 500 exc-f , I’m hesringblots of great info on it , but for now a few more modifications on the crf250 Rally ! Unfortunately they didn’t make a enduro crf450 Rally , that would been ideal for me , more power for narly terrain , sand and street legal . That’s all I’m after .
  5. Billiegoat

    Solo Riding in Death Valley

    ThX Mark , I ride a crf450 r . This is the bike I’ve ridden Death vally . Although I recently purchased a crf250 Rally , it’s cool and fun but not really what I was expecting, underpowered. Sooo i May have this bike in the spring or sale it , I’m looking into the ktm 500 or 690. How do you like your 690?
  6. Billiegoat

    Solo Riding in Death Valley

    Cool video thx for sharing , nice bike ! Love riding Death Valley, your brave to go solo ! My favorite trail is Lipoincott and Goler/Mengel, the best adrenaline pump ? Looking forward to adventuring once again spring trip 2018 .