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    Tiger 800 Tramontana

  2. Clannagael

    KTM Rally 2017: Crested Butte, CO

    I dunno. From what little I know, KTM seems to be one of the few manufacturers that actually get involved at all. I ride a Triumph - they don't even bother showing up at big shows like the AIMExpo this weekend, let alone to rallies. I really like KTM bikes as well, and I'm trying to give my Triumph love but they don't care if I do or not. I've been watching the news on the prospective KTM 790 adventure and I'm really excited for it. If it tics all the boxes I expect it to, I'll likely jump ship and get a KTM. Maybe it was a fluke and the others were right about things falling through the cracks. Maybe it wasn't. Personally, I have more respect for KTM than most manufacturers just for getting out there and showing up.
  3. Clannagael

    Hello from Ohio

    I live in Minerva, about 15 miles east and south of Canton. I work for a company in Solon though and drive through Twinsburg when I go to the office.
  4. Clannagael

    Hello from Ohio

    Hello, I have an XL ADV - 2014 Triumph Explorer XC that I ride like a 250 trail bike as often as possible. I've ridden it as far as from northeast Ohio to Myrtle Beach, but the past year I've been doing a lot of off-roading and adventure riding with it. I went to the Touratech Rally East in August and made some new friends. Looking forward to continuing to find new limits with the big Tiger in spite of its weight.