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  1. Bip Schkaboden

    Spring '18 Rally

    Great event with a great turnout and good food with some great options for routes to follow. Big thumbs up and I would encourage you to go next year if you get a chance! So on the way home I thought I would take 247 from Barstow as I never been on that road. When I got to Lucerne, I looked up and saw a bunch of roads. Hmmmm! Wonder if they will take me where I need to go? Wanderered around a bit trying to find my way around. Sitting at a dirt intersection and some guy rides up on a GS! Hey, you look like you are on your way back from the Mojave Preserve ride? Huh? How does that happen. Anyway, a great guy named Jay, wanted to attend the ride but work wouldn't allow for it. He was on his way up a road that he thought would would take him to Fawnskin and he was happy to have me along. I passed this time but he gave me an idea of the direction I needed to go. I explored around a bit and was clearly in a riding area. Couldn't tell from my GPS if I could get where I wanted to go. Coming down the hill from this off-road park, still very much on sandy dirt roads, I encountered 3 young ladies in a Zip-Car with three matching pizzas. They were looking for Deep Creek. I told them they couldn't go up that road and to follow me toward Deep Creek. Waited a bit but never saw them. I sure hope they bought the extra insurance if they tried to go up the hill. It was easily an Eric Hall described Intermediate course!
  2. Bip Schkaboden

    Spring '18 Rally

    Eric, i looked through the thread and elsewhere but couldn't get the scoop on meals. I know dinner and beer both nights but are there any other meals?
  3. Bip Schkaboden

    Spring '18 Rally

    I did not make that trip due to a self inflicted mechanical error. Heard there was miles and miles and miles of deep sand.
  4. Bip Schkaboden

    Spring '18 Rally

    Fuel heads up for those riding in on the 40 heading east. Buy fuel in Barstow, then top off in Ludlow for just under $5 per gallon. Then bypass the Essex exit and go to Goffs where you will find what you may consider to be the most expensive fuel you have seen in the US just shy of $6 per gallon. Top off your bike. You will think Ludlow is cheap in comparison. You will now have less than 30 miles to camp with a pretty full tank. If you are coming in from the 15, Cima exit is where you will fuel It is 39 miles to camp. Half asphalt/Half very easy graded road.
  5. Bip Schkaboden

    Spring '18 Rally

    The map mentioned above can also be purchased on Avenza Maps and loaded onto your smart phone. It will track you so you know where you are and are going. A few guys used it in CO and really liked it.