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  1. It will be interesting to hear what people say about it over there. July isnt far away. I still have hopes for this bike. Im just thinking about changing the suspension and if someone like safari tanks will make a bigger tank for it.... theres AU$5k worth of upgrades.... so it would have to be cheap.... please be cheap!
  2. Nerb

    2019 KTM 790 Adventure

    Then why is it cheaper in the usa than the other 800's? It seems that its only Australia that its more expensive than everything else.
  3. Nerb

    2019 KTM 790 Adventure

    Well, Australian pricing is out and we are being hammered! Tell me if this is correct.... In USA, 790R $13499, AT $13499 (same price), Tiger 800XCX $14450 (+7%) and 850GS is $15595 (+14%) In Australia 790R $22690, AT $19499 (-14%), Tiger 800XCX $21650 (-5%) and F850GS Rallye $18390 (-19%) and rallye-X is $22,305. edit: the 1090R here is $21500.... 5% cheaper than the 790. Here, the 790R is by far the most expensive of all the 800 bikes. Why oh why!
  4. Nerb

    2019 KTM 790 Adventure

    Would love to eric, but I dont think there will be time. Crossing this year in August. I havnt pre-ordered because i havnt got 20k spare and I think the first few shipments will go to all the preorders. I doubt I'll be able to get one within 12 months.
  5. Nerb

    2019 KTM 790 Adventure

    How does that compare to 1090 & 1290 for comparison? So I can get an estimate for over here.
  6. Nerb

    2019 KTM 790 Adventure

    You know, besides the R being an awesome cross country exploration bike, I think that non-R is going to tick a lot of boxes for a lot of people. Having ridden the 790 duke, I think the 790 adventure would be a bloody fabulous bike to tour the tarmac on. I notices the trail and rake is different on both models... is that simply because of the longer legs, or is the frame geometry different? I guess I should get out the calculator and see if 40mm travel front and rear at the given rake and trail add up to 19mm longer wheel base.
  7. Ive messaged my dealer to try and find out when it will be available here. I have a few months to convince the missus!
  8. Also Eric, thats the specs for the standard. The R is the same except 240mm 48Ø forks.
  9. 240mm suspension travel, 880 seat height, cruise control, filter under the seat.... Im liking this
  10. Well, I must say Im a little disappointed. The 205kg wet is ok with me, but 210/200mm suspension travel is too short, 16L fuel is not enough and its 10mm longer wheelbase than my 1190. I feel like it is quite a big bike. 2019 release here in Australia, so I'll probably go test one if I dont own a 790 by then.
  11. And more expensive and less robust. It is always a tradeoff and everyone has different requirments. The price will be the biggest factor for most people.... both capable bikes at vastly different prices.
  12. Nerb

    Faulty SOS on Garmin

    Interesting... mine is on a trip at the moment, but I'll check it when it comes back. If it IS "faulty", are delorme/garmin fixing them? Or is it just a warning not to press the button?
  13. Ha Eric... I thought I signed up here long ago, but I obviously just read and dont type much because when I went to comment on this tiger I couldnt work out my login.... because there wasnt one... better late than never
  14. Im only 180 something, but I dont ride with my feet draging on the ground. Any real off road adventure bike needs good ground clearance. A dab with one foot is completely different to sitting idle trying to flat foot it. I loved this concept when I first saw it, but more and more Im fearing the worst... a new F800. I can only pray that the chassis does not change and some after market companies will offer a parts kit that will convert it to the prototype.
  15. It looks amazing. If triumph produced this, I'd be there... high fender, minimal plastics, metal hand guards!
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