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  1. Nerb

    New Yamaha Concept: T7

    And more expensive and less robust. It is always a tradeoff and everyone has different requirments. The price will be the biggest factor for most people.... both capable bikes at vastly different prices.
  2. Nerb

    Faulty SOS on Garmin

    Interesting... mine is on a trip at the moment, but I'll check it when it comes back. If it IS "faulty", are delorme/garmin fixing them? Or is it just a warning not to press the button?
  3. Nerb

    Tiger 800 Tramontana

    Ha Eric... I thought I signed up here long ago, but I obviously just read and dont type much because when I went to comment on this tiger I couldnt work out my login.... because there wasnt one... better late than never
  4. Nerb

    New Yamaha Concept: T7

    Im only 180 something, but I dont ride with my feet draging on the ground. Any real off road adventure bike needs good ground clearance. A dab with one foot is completely different to sitting idle trying to flat foot it. I loved this concept when I first saw it, but more and more Im fearing the worst... a new F800. I can only pray that the chassis does not change and some after market companies will offer a parts kit that will convert it to the prototype.
  5. Nerb

    Tiger 800 Tramontana

    It looks amazing. If triumph produced this, I'd be there... high fender, minimal plastics, metal hand guards!