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  1. Interesting... mine is on a trip at the moment, but I'll check it when it comes back. If it IS "faulty", are delorme/garmin fixing them? Or is it just a warning not to press the button?
  2. Ha Eric... I thought I signed up here long ago, but I obviously just read and dont type much because when I went to comment on this tiger I couldnt work out my login.... because there wasnt one... better late than never
  3. Im only 180 something, but I dont ride with my feet draging on the ground. Any real off road adventure bike needs good ground clearance. A dab with one foot is completely different to sitting idle trying to flat foot it. I loved this concept when I first saw it, but more and more Im fearing the worst... a new F800. I can only pray that the chassis does not change and some after market companies will offer a parts kit that will convert it to the prototype.
  4. It looks amazing. If triumph produced this, I'd be there... high fender, minimal plastics, metal hand guards!