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    Has the GS Brand Fallen So Far?

    I am only on my 2nd GS with my 1st being the 800GSA and put 56k on it in less than 4 years. I am an annual (not a seasonal) rider that finally switched to the big dog 1200 GS Rallye. I only had one issue with the 800 and it was the 'propencitor' which I think was in relation to me switching the OEM counter-sprocket to a 15. I ride off-road and hammered the 800 hard and without complaints. I've seen and heard just as many complaints about the KTMs over the years. Just ride what you like. There's no top dog except the one that you're on top of, [emoji240]. Hahahahaha. Enjoy the ride. A dedicated drinking the Kool-aide BMW Rider. Besides, one of the other posters here mentioned dropping $20k on a bike. I haven't ever seen a cheap KTM.