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  1. Yeti going to join us too? Yahoo!
  2. @Harsimran Baweja, check out this video ( https://youtu.be/SeR3vIeN8L4 ). Observe the bottleneck at around 38mins. It reminds me of Engineer Mtn Rd except we would be going up it.
  3. That's what we are thinking at the moment. I have seen the moshpit where it gets really gnarly with the rocks and even little bikes are struggling. That said, I am working on getting in @Eric Hall shape before then. ?? I couldn't do that in my current habitus. @Eric Hall, I need your workout plan.
  4. Maybe we should put together a team - Meerkats? Hahaha...I might have an x-pro MX racer who might join us if we do this. I'm thinking of getting the Tractive ESA suspension for my bike from Ted Porter at the Beemer shop. Anyone have business with him before?
  5. What? Really? @Harsimran Baweja broke his leg on this route before? With me breaking ribs and you breaking a leg in the desert...maybe we better take on another? Hahaha
  6. I might have Harsimran "Sim" joining me as a team to run this. Still debating since it's so close to Thanksgiving and whether or not I even have it off.
  7. Thanks, brah. I appreciate your response. I was on the fence about changing over to the Orange myself; however, I want to ride rough off-road and still take my long overland journeys. I was looking at the warranty differences and just think that that the Beemer takes the trophy there. I did find a local 2006 950 SE that I would love to drop the coin on because I would like to do some racing/rallies. Wanna loan me $9k OK, will see you next year in the Mojave, if it's still there.
  8. Le Cler

    Dakar 2020

    Well, Eric, according to her Russian bio, she provided her address for you to correspond.
  9. Arwi, did you end up getting the FLEXX? I have read several reviews on little bikes but not much on the larger displacements. I did see that Jimmy Lewis uses them, and almost figured that should be good enough for me. I have noticed that the 19 bend with OEM causes a lot of discomfort after a while with hard riding or even long distance. Anyone using the 15 enduro changed up from an adventure bar?
  10. Still trying to decide if I should make the journey out that far to run it...ahhh, decision decisions.
  11. Thanks for putting on such a great event too, Eric. We rode quite a ways for the experience and I must say that I am excited to be returning next year. I did want to add that being a sticker guy, an XLADV Mojave sticker would be really cool. That's just my opinion though. All in all, I had a really great time and made new friends. I too would like to give thanks to everyone who put up with my whining while injured. Thanks to John H., for allowing me to sleep in his camper, and thanks to @advmotogirl for not telling me to get out of the camper whenever I whimpered while attempting to turn over You both rock! Thanks to everyone else who attempted to get my bike running; however, it was probably best that it didn't because as my friend, Wayne said, I would have attempted to keep riding. Thanks.
  12. @motochefarwi, awesome-ness! Really enjoyed the videos and hope to ride with you guys next year. I did end up with 4 displaced rib fractures on the right side. I was hoping to be able to make the High Sierra Ride as well, but I think it's going to be too close to the 1st GS Rally in Dolores, Colorado at the beginning of August. Anyway, I'll be there next year to ride in the Mojave again. Hope that some of you guys can make it out to Dolores Giants Rally. Dennis Godwin will be there again as well, and a bunch of other really nice guys/gals and riders.
  13. She didn't say, but she sure wasn't going to go to Euro-Cycles. I probably wouldn't again either. I think this convinced me to make the 911 investment. They're light enough that it wouldn't really matter.
  14. FYI: So another person is in LV attempting to get some help with the BMW. I told them about Euro-Cycles where I had my bike towed. They said that the new manager there had already told her once to "not bring your outfit here" and to go elsewhere. Although the service manager, Tony, was very helpful to me in loading my bike and driving me to a hotel the night before, they had the bike for over an hour and couldn't find the problem. That's why I ended up hauling it home. BMW of Denver had the problem figured out and repaired in less than 2 hours costing $100 more than the 1-hour "diagnostics" that Euro-Cycles charged me. So word for the wise, be careful there. I don't recall seeing any KTMs there either.
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