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  1. DerVicman

    Did Rev It Step in It?

    Hey Eric, I don't doubt your comment. I have only seen one Rev-It sponsored rider, and she discloses it on her bio. I have seen two guys that I follow on Instagram because they have the same bike as I do, and it has been very disappointing to see the lack of transparency and sneaky behavior. One guy called it a "partnership", which means pretty much the same in this social media arena. If you receive payment or goodies for free you need to disclose it. FB has a policy on that and has cancelled accounts, it's just a matter of time it starts doing it on Instagram.
  2. DerVicman

    Did Rev It Step in It?

    Very unfortunate comment, but made on a personal FB page. I think we all are entitled to say stupid things once in a while, and we can also apologize for it. Let's see how or if Rev-It reacts. I am also very happy with my Klim gear, but I don't like them as a company. I think their marketing policies are shady, they have a lot of sponsored/"partner" riders that don't disclose their commercial relationship and write reviews and promote the brand. Very sneaky. Bad policy since the gear is pretty good and transparency is king.
  3. DerVicman

    Sponsorship Advice for Riders and Brands

    Interesting read. I hope my comment is relevant since I’m a newbie in the forum and new to the ADV scene. I have been following many of you on Instagram and on the different forums looking for source of information on equipment, maintenance, riding routes and nice motorcycle pics. As I navigate the conversations and Instagram I keep on seeing riders that post a lot about their favorite jackets and helmets, or new exhaust. Which all is new for me and I enjoy it, but I don’t see in most of the posts a disclaimer where they indicate they're sponsored by that particular exhaust brand or helmet company. It seems to me a little odd to write a helmet review from Brand A and have a sponsorship or “partnership” contract with that brand and not mentioning it. It must be awesome to be sponsored by any company, should be a matter of pride to disclose it on your bio on Instagram. What’s your opinion about this?
  4. DerVicman

    ktmtwins.com 1090 Adventure R Build

    Hey @thegeardude, good looking bike. What about skidplate and handguards with real protection? I'm considering buying the luggage rack form KTM, there are two models, why did you chose that one? Cheers, Vic
  5. DerVicman

    Hi from Santa Cruz, CA

    Cool!! Let me know if you have any plans so we can meet on the weekend.
  6. DerVicman

    Hi from Santa Cruz, CA

    Thanks Eric!! I'll get in touch with @motochefarwi. Here some pics while riding up the coast before first service.
  7. Hi everyone, I just recently bought a 1090R replacing a BMW 650GS Twin. I'm very happy with the bike so far and would like to meet riders around my area. I used to ride off-road around Tucson and Nogales a couple of years ago and I want to start doing more dirt here. The 1090 is quite an upgrade form the 650GS and I'm learning to respect the power of it. If anyone has any recommendations on where to ride or want to meet at any Starbucks in the Bay Area please let me know. Happy to be part of this community. Vic