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  1. Still for sale
    Dig em
  2. 0 comments

    I friggin love it!
    I friggin love it!
  3. Welcome! I'm down, so hit me up!
  4. For sale BRAND NEW, still in the plastic, never been opened AltRider skid plate and the mounting bracket; also BRAND NEW. Located in northern California, and would prefer a local sale, but I'm willing to ship them. I'm asking $450 or best offer for both, and I'm open to trades. I enjoy hunting, hiking, motorcycles (obviously), travel, and all sorts of stuff so let me know if you've got a good trade. Thanks for looking. http://www.altrider.com/en/product/detail/pid/2078 http://www.altrider.com/en/product/detail/pid/1382
  5. Maybe just one wife is best! I've been looking into some formal training, so thanks for the recommendation.
  6. Benicia, my friend.
  7. Right on! I'm across the bridge in Benicia.
  8. Welcome. I'm just a bit North if you ever get up this way.
  9. Hey there everyone. I'm new-ish to ADV riding, but have been on two wheels for about 12 years or so. My lovely wife surprised me with an Africa Twin (Yes, she has a sister, but shes already taken. Sorry fellas) for Xmas last year, and so began my big bike adventure. I would love to meet some more folks of any skill level to ride with. I've got a YZ125, so we can play at Carnegie, and I've got a Buell XB9 (shut up, haters) if you want to stay on the pavement. Like I said, my big bike off-road skills are not well developed, but I'm not a rolling disaster! I live in Benicia, and would gladly come out to your neck of the woods for a ride, and a beer. Or we can plan a new adventure together (oh crap, this is starting to sound like a MFM Craigslist ad...I'd better wrap this up.) Hit me up for a ride, or to wrench on bikes, or just the beer.