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  1. Nice looking tread pattern. I selected 2017 BMW R1200GS and the tire won't fit my bike. They appear to have a 170 sized tire so I am not sure what is up. I'd like to see a comparison between this tire and the Heidenau Scout K-60 by an objective reviewer, if such a thing is possible. NC Edit: Dunlop also needs to update the bikes in the drop down menus as they don't show Africa Twin either.
  2. Welcome. I hope to spend time exploring Australia as you are doing with the US. Any trouble for an Australian buying a bike in the USA? I would do the same thing in Oz if I ever get down there but don't know the complexities of a "foreigner" buying a bike in a country where they don't have citizenship and local documents like a driver's license or insurance, etc. I live in Washington State and have done much of our BDR but never the whole thing front to back. Maybe we'll meet up on the road somewhere. NC
  3. Thanks for the pics. Which year is your Multi? NC
  4. I'd love a new Multistrada 950 myself. Do you have any pics from that ride. I'm sure many of us would love to see them. NC
  5. Please post pics of which boots you were wearing and what exactly a barrel roll refers to. Too much room for interpretation. I have the following and anyone who thinks these are no better than sneakers has never worn these or sneakers. https://www.formabootsusa.com/collections/dual-sport-adv-boots/products/forma-adventure-motorcycle-boots I don't think they are as good as a full mx boot but for ADV riding I am quite happy with the trade off. I wouldn't use them for hard core off-roqad but that is why they are called an adventure boot. NC
  6. Looks like fun. I'll be in Colorado this summer and get to do so on a brand new bike. Not sure which one it will be yet. Can you provide any sort of rundown as to your route from Cape Town to Cairo? Kind of sort of Western Africa or Eastern Africa? Have read tales of Addis Ababa in Ethiopia for example. Post lots of pics. NC
  7. Thanks. Just want to make sure my dual sport comparison didn't come off wrong. I don't expect a 500+ pound ADV bike to perform as well in tight single track as a 450 Enduro bike, but that Enduro bike won't eat up the miles like a Stelvio will either. NC
  8. I am considering this bike. Any issues with light off-roading and a dry clutch? I figure clutch slipping is not ideal but that won't matter whether you are in stop and go traffic on pavement or off road riding. I won't take a big heavy ADV bike on trails where there is very much 5 mph constant clutch slipping to keep the bikes forward momentum. That is what a Beta Dual Sport is for. I think most BDR's are not real heavy duty off-road and probably ideal for an ADV bike whereas a dual sport bike won't even be challenged. And for the OP, which soft bag are you running for your top case/bag? I don't like the looks of the really tall, square top cases and also think the attachment allows them to move around too much. I'd feel safer lashing down a couple dry bags like it appears you have done. NC
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