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  1. Alpina

    Howdy from Denver!

    Welcome to the group. What part of Denver, I'm in Bear Valley.
  2. Alpina

    Old Bikes

    Lets see your old bikes. Any old bike. Here's a pic of my 1970 Triumph T100, any ride on a 48 year old bike is an adventure. Maiden voyage after winters refurbish.
  3. Alpina

    New toy

    Now I just need to get some knobbies. Prolly T63 Michelins
  4. Alpina

    New toy

    New addition to the herd. 2011 DR650, along with the Tiger, 1970 T100c, and Road King.
  5. Alpina


    Pics of my Triumph Tiger 800
  6. Alpina

    Hello from Denver

    You guys get out here let me know we could get a beer or ride, etc.
  7. Alpina

    Hello from Denver

    I have a couple posted in the gallery of my Tiger
  8. Alpina

    Hello from Denver

    OK, with some help I'm in the Staging Area. I'm Old Al, I've been riding for 53 years now, trail riding Rampart for 49 years. In the garage today are my Road King, Triumph Tiger 800, and my 1970 Triumph T100C. I'm looking forward to this forum and members rides and explorations.
  9. Alpina

    Staging area

    I must be dumb, but I can't figure out how to post in "staging area" Please guide me in.
  10. Alpina

    Hello from Wyoming

    I can't figure out how to post in "staging area"
  11. Alpina

    Hello from Wyoming

    Hello, where about in Wyo?
  12. Alpina

    Triumph Tiger 800 XCx (2015)

    You have a pic Od Deckers, are you a from Denver?