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  1. Hi All! I wanted to let you guys know of a $50 Facebook raffle we just kicked off today, running until Monday, November 30th! All you need to do is comment on the contest post on our Facebook page to enter! Additionally, we will be having a Cyber Monday sale, which will automatically give you 10% off your entire order! (Valid on November 30th only) Lastly, on December 1st, running all the way through Christmas, we will be offering free shipping on all orders over $99!
  2. Will you be in attendence? We're slated right next to BMW
  3. By the way, have you heard at all if the Africa Twin will be at the AIM Expo?
  4. Can't wait for the Africa Twin. Expecting big things out of that bike!
  5. Great to hear! Now the important question: where's the video of this occuring?
  6. We're happy to be sponsoring Kim Krause while she trains for the GS trophy, along with her numerous other stops along the way. Good luck Kim! And thanks for the referral Eric!
  7. You do know that now that you have the tank guards on, you'll never lay it down again, right? It's only when there's no protection that it happens
  8. Was the tank guard misaligned, or was that something wrong on the 990?
  9. On a side note, it's showing you should get the Tank Guard and Headlight Grill on Wednesday of next week.
  10. Those aren't the Hepco & Becker Side Carriers that Black Dog had us send you on their behalf?? I didn't think we had sent the actual tank guard yet!
  11. Hi Eric! I think we can help as well! If you'd like we can supply you with some of these parts: Hepco & Becker Engine Guard: Headlight grill: Rear Rack: Feel free to shoot me a PM if need be!