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  1. inyankara


    We will try to grow in the the U.S. market and then hopefully expand from there.
  2. inyankara


    Sweet will happy to have you aboard. Hopefully our host network will have expanded by then.
  3. inyankara


    Thanks Eric My daughter lives real close to you. She's in Fullerton.
  4. inyankara

    Shinko 804/805

    I'm on my 3rd set on my KTM 990. Probably 70% off road two up for the majority of the miles. I've been very pleased with the performance and longevity. I previously was running the tkc 80's front and rear. The shinko's in my opinion are every bit as good and are considerably cheaper. Win Win in my opinion
  5. inyankara

    Hello from Barcelona

    Welcome aboard Albert. It's winter in Wyoming so no adventure riding for a cew months. Time for the trelleborgs studded tires on the KTM 300
  6. inyankara

    Fasst Company Flexx Handlebars

    I guess you could say I'm a believer. They're currently on my Beta ss 300 trials bike my KTM 300xcw and my 2011 KTM 990 Dakar. Nice thing is they will custom build for your personal preferences. First rate all around. I would not recommend drilling any holes or any other modifications. If you bend or break them just send them in and they will replace them at half the cost. This is probably not an option if they've been modified.
  7. inyankara


    A few photos from the bikerbuddy app
  8. inyankara


    Eric Thanks for the help. I got called back to work, so I've been out of contact for a while . Hopefully this will give everyone a little insight. We've been in contact with Jesse Ziegler from digital throttle to get the advertising ball rolling. Please download the app and let me know what you think. Were you at the KTM adventure rally in crested butte? Paul
  9. I would like to introduce you all to the free lodging app for motorcyclists.
  10. inyankara

    Hello from Wyoming

    I keep having minor issues as well. Thinking its a practice and navigation thing.
  11. inyankara

    Hello from Wyoming

  12. inyankara

    Hello from Wyoming

    2011 ktm 990 Dakar
  13. inyankara

    Hi from South Africa

    Welcome Mark Had an absolute blast in 2013 riding with Alfie Cox on one of his tours. Very beautiful country. Alfie is first class all the way.
  14. inyankara


    The app was designed by bikeminded people for motorcyclists. We are trying to create a network of host's and users that have motorcyclists needs at the forefront. The flatrate lodging options are camping , vacant camper, bedroom or whole house Many amenities including WiFi, laundry, parts shipment, shower, do minor repairs, wash the bike, get local knowledge. Host's can make extra money and the riders can save money . Available for all Android and Apple devices. Best part is the app is FREE!!!
  15. inyankara


    Great new free lodging app out there for bikers. bikerbuddy.co . Economical flatrate lodging.