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  1. I'm wondering if there is any motorcycle specific charities out there that has built a reputation in this community? Can you recommend a moto-specific charity?
  2. Sharif Massoud

    I should have signed up long ago... Saying Hi!

    Yes, Arwi, most recently at the GS trophy, where we all enjoyed watching you compete. Well done pal, and thank you.
  3. Sharif Massoud

    I should have signed up long ago... Saying Hi!

    I really appreciate it Eric ??
  4. Hi everyone, I’d like to say hello and introduce myself. I’m new around here, but have been riding big bikes for some time. I am a rider coach for an off-road riding school, but consider myself a perpetual student. I’m a paramedic by trade, which allows me to serve as medical sweep rider on backcountry ADV tours I had the pleasure of spending time with Eric H. today at the IMS show in Long Beach. He convinced me to join this large group of like-minded riders that have a lot of great info to share. I’m normally not too active on forums, but always appreciate sharing good info with cool riders, we all have something to learn, regardless of experience. Heres some pics! Sharif