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  1. I agree completely. That is why I did not blame Touratech for a bad product. We both know the abuse it has seen. In reality I think the shock seal probably failed and I kept hammering the crap out of it. I do like the shock and fork work ESP did better.
  2. Destroyed Touratech rear shock on Wednesday and their fork cartridge 5-months months ago. Both times @espsuspension saved the day with rebuilding the stock parts better in 24-hours. I learned my lesson, Touratech for fire roads, #espsuspension for #heavyenduro
  3. Day 2 and a few more dirt naps. Tore my Mosko Moto Pannier and they sold me another one for $100 as part of their lifetime warranty. To their credit is tore breaking a hidden 10" log in half.
  4. Day 1 Bike too k a dirt nap trying to climb the back side of Mt Masonic. The front side was much easier to climb.
  5. Ended up participating at the Topaz 400 put on by Jerry Counts. www.dualsportwest.com I would change the title of the ride, but cannot figure out how to do that. Stopped at Whitney portal, Bodie, Mt Masonic on the way to Topaz Lake. I got confused on the tracks he provided and took the Dual Sport tracks instead of the Adv tracks. My goal this trip was to see what my capabilities would be fully loaded. Mission accomplished. Photos to come
  6. Great time this weekend with you all. Day 1 photos were from the Lost Mine Road. Day 2 Trevor and I went exploring Mt Patterson and found an epic advanced route. I hope his drone footage from the top comes out.
  7. Nothing to report yet, but I will. I am doing an Intermediate Sequoia ride this Friday - Sunday. Leaving Inyokern around 8am. First day is mostly twisty blacktop through Kennedy Meadows over to Springville then dry camping at Mineral King. Saturday will be blacktop through the park and dirt and jeep trails to a secluded Sequoia grove. If anyone is interested in tagging along PM me and I will send the details.
  8. What was the issue?
  9. Another great XLADV Event supporting Motorrad Angeles.
  10. I watched the film. It looks like they had support vehicles at most of the camp grounds. I have a buddy that lives on Lanfair Road in between the 40 and the 15. I could ask him to leave some firewood at a camp ground or camp on his property. Just need to let him know when and where. I am thinking leaving Yuma the morning of 2/15, 2/22, or 3/1. Then ride for 3-days. Anyone else interested in any of those dates?
  11. Snow could be an issue further north. I would hate to bypass the red lines, unless they are not doable on a big bike. I am up for two 3-day rides. Ride-1 Yuma to Beatty. Ride-2 Benton to Beatty. Ride-1 February 23rd and Ride-2 mid to late April or May. The midway point might need to change since it looks like it goes through Titus Canyon (one-way).
  12. That is what I am thinking. It seems doable in three days at a intermediate pace and see the sites. I need to look at the tracks in more detail. How long did they take in the movie to cover it?
  13. Are there any big bike rides for the Cali BDR coming up soon?
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