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  1. Trailzrider

    Mojave 2019

    What was the issue?
  2. Trailzrider

    Mojave 2019

    Another great XLADV Event supporting Motorrad Angeles.
  3. Trailzrider

    CA BDR South

    I watched the film. It looks like they had support vehicles at most of the camp grounds. I have a buddy that lives on Lanfair Road in between the 40 and the 15. I could ask him to leave some firewood at a camp ground or camp on his property. Just need to let him know when and where. I am thinking leaving Yuma the morning of 2/15, 2/22, or 3/1. Then ride for 3-days. Anyone else interested in any of those dates?
  4. Trailzrider

    CA BDR South

    Snow could be an issue further north. I would hate to bypass the red lines, unless they are not doable on a big bike. I am up for two 3-day rides. Ride-1 Yuma to Beatty. Ride-2 Benton to Beatty. Ride-1 February 23rd and Ride-2 mid to late April or May. The midway point might need to change since it looks like it goes through Titus Canyon (one-way).
  5. Trailzrider

    CA BDR South

    That is what I am thinking. It seems doable in three days at a intermediate pace and see the sites. I need to look at the tracks in more detail. How long did they take in the movie to cover it?
  6. Trailzrider

    CA BDR South

    Are there any big bike rides for the Cali BDR coming up soon?
  7. Trailzrider

    2018 Ken Mooty Memorial/CORVA Fundraiser

    Day 1 photos Thank you @XLADV for making this ride happen. Had a great time.
  8. Trailzrider

    Motoz Tires

    The Rallz performed well under the identical conditions that the HT failed in my previous post. I was very pleased with the off-road performance of the Rallz front and rear. Looks like the rear will last 3-4k miles with my riding style. For now they will be my go to tire.
  9. Trailzrider

    Motoz Tires

    The Rallz have the same 70Q Load/Speed rating as the HT. I have been happy with the various Motoz models I have tried in the past, but do want to better understand the limitations so I do not have this issue again. There are 75-80 mph highways out there and want to make sure I am running at least an 70/30 tire that can handle a 10% overage over the posted speed limit.
  10. Trailzrider

    Motoz Tires

    I just went on the Motoz website. The tire has a load speed rating of 70Q = 739lb @ 99mph. Even if the bike weighed 1,000lb and I averaged 95mph for 2-hours I do not think it should have failed the way it did. So far all the response I have received at ESP (The shop that works on my bike) say they do not think it should have failed under those conditions. Maybe I will contact the factory to help me understand if the failure is reasonable or not. BTW the bike has a new set of Rallz front and rear now.
  11. Trailzrider

    Motoz Tires

    Left my house at 9:30pm and arrived at Big Pine at 12:15am where I noticed the damage. 245-Miles
  12. Trailzrider

    Motoz Tires

    Left my house at 9:30pm and arrived at Big Pine at 12:15am where I noticed the damage. 245-Miles
  13. Trailzrider

    Motoz Tires

    I was looking forward to giving the Desert HT a try at the #XLADVHIGHSIERRA2018. Unfortunately 2+ hours of sustained 90+ mph @40psi on my 1190 loaded down melted the center knobs. I was able to ride all weekend and back home. The first two pictures were taken Friday at 6am before the rally and the last picture was taken when I got home. Were the high speeds, pressure, and weight asking too much of a 90/10 tire? BTW I feel that they held up so well on the trail & twisty roads after the damage says a lot about their construction quality. I am concerned about the compound may not be suited for my street riding style:)
  14. Trailzrider

    Counteract Ready Balanced Tubes

    I have used balance beads for years on my street bikes with great results. As long as the tube is high quality it should be a good solution when applied right