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    Riding in the Sierra foothills!
  1. Interesting question that made me realize I have gone full circle! Started out on relatively heavy bikes, 1972 Suzuki TC125, I weighed 132 and it had over 100lbs on me! Went to a 1978 Yamaha DT 175 at 245 lbs. Jumped to all off road with a 1981 IT 250 at 275 lbs, then to 1982 YZ 250 at 255 lbs, started racing some and stayed on MXers and my body weight stayed around 145 lbs but the last 250 MXer weighed only 220 and I was around 160. Then I went back to heavy dual sports and got a Suzuki DR650 2007 at 260 lbs. Another 100 lb delta. Kept it for many years and finally upgraded to a 2014 Vstrom. My weight 170 now and Vstrom is way out of my weight class at over 500 lbs! Said all that to say I wish the Vstrom was lighter, but the seat height is more of a concern. The weight isn't really a factor until you get it into a tight spot. Riding comfort is the most important thing for me now, acceleration and agility are a close second. To be avoided; loud pipes, all that heavy chrome to make some kind of statement I guess, not interested!
  2. Roost31

    Suzuki recall for 2013 and 2014 650 models

    Got it back and it is running great so far! The engine does seem a little tighter but that could me. Once I take it up to 9K RPM a few times I'll be confident everything was done right. The dealer I went to did a great job BTW.
  3. Roost31

    Who's Watching Your Baby?

    This is a great idea! I had a friend purchase brand new FZR 1K, in San Jose Ca. brought it from the dealer to work in Cupertino Ca.(read very low crime here) Parked it outside his building in the front of the main lobby and went up 3 floors and told some of his coworkers about the bike and they all went down to check it out. The bike was parked maybe 20-30 minutes. It was gone! People saw these two HUGE guys get out of an old pick up without a tailgate and grab the bike and toss it in the back! Got in the truck and drove off! No plates, just an old dark red colored truck with a new FZR in it. Cops never found the truck and he never saw the bike again. The thought was they followed him from the dealer and the bike would be parted out. This device would have helped locate the bike quickly.
  4. Roost31

    Suzuki recall for 2013 and 2014 650 models

    Glad to hear your service went well. Good to know about the Ca. law, I was unaware. My 2014 had less than 2,400 miles on it so they are in the process of replacing the parts. I hate having the engine torn down since it was working great but it had to be done. You would have thought Suzuki would have sent a buffer shipment of these parts to all the dealers so the dealers wouldn't have to order and wait for the parts to come in after getting the bike. So the customer has to go without the bike for 5-7 working days so Suzuki doesn't have to front the $300.00 in parts! This is not cool!
  5. Please see enclosed for more detail. Suzuki recall.pdf
  6. Roost31

    El Dorado county adventure/dual sport

    Hey, a little light trail riding near Silver Lake on the 4th. The V did well but the seat height leaving me on my toes was interesting on uneven ground.
  7. Roost31

    El Dorado county adventure/dual sport

    Thanks for the post! Well the next time you are on your way to Tahoe with some time try 49 to Coloma to Marshall grade to George town out to Ice House rd back to 50. Great 2 lane road stuff out there. The key to soft terrain riding and stream crossings is to stand low and stay back on the bike as far as possible keeping the power on equal weight on the pegs. The V doesn't seem like it would lend itself to allow for deep stream crossings. My pic is a stream about 0.5 meter deep.
  8. Greetings Just wanted to introduce myself and find other Sierra foot hill riders near Placerville. My Vstrom had it's first oil change from the break in period, like changing the first diaper . Previous bike was a DR650 amd before that a YZ250 and FZR600. I think the Vstrom is my last bike I can't imagine buying another bike, she does everything I want a bike to do. I live right off hwy49 and have so many choices I can go in any direction and find fun roads to explore. Ralph