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  1. DirtyPixel

    Replacing Chain/Sprockets - Tiger 800 XC

    I dropped to a 15t up front and didn't buy a new chain. I had to extend the swingarm really far out. Once the chain starts to wear, I'd have no widdle room to extend, so I removed two links.
  2. DirtyPixel

    Big Bikes, Pottery, Paintings

    Nice artwork! Welcome
  3. DirtyPixel

    Boot Feedback

    I was wearing the Forma Adventure Boots. Don't get me wrong: they did a great job protecting my leg, and I understand after this post the various levels of boot protection now. (I only started riding dirt November '17) I would not say what I was doing was considered "hardcore." The dump did no damage to the bike, but my right foot was able to twist from the Lisfranc to the toes.
  4. DirtyPixel

    Boot Feedback

    Are the Predators the more robust boots though that Eric just mentioned? I do love my Formas for fit and comfort, but I'll probably be looking at something else and converting my Formas to slab adventure boots.
  5. DirtyPixel

    Boot Feedback

    Yeah, I clearly didn't understand what I was buying and this experience was a rough lesson. I now also realize why everyone else was so quick to get out their boots, and I was still walking around in mine.
  6. DirtyPixel

    Boot Feedback

    Thank you for the feedback! I'd be more than happy to squeak or walk uncomfortably than not walk at all. I'll look for the above mentioned boots before my next excursion. It just wasn't worth the risk for someone as new to dirt as myself. That one lil blip was a total show-stopper and I felt great otherwise.
  7. DirtyPixel

    Midlife Crisis?

    It depends on the chick! I get excited about bikes and cars alike.... especially when it's obvious that the rider/driver has put effort into their vehicle. I realize I'm also part of a very small percentage of women who feel that way. I was also accused of having a midlife crisis when I bought my Triumph Tiger even though I had been riding street 8 years prior. It's like the people who are afraid of trying something new want to scoff at those that do...
  8. DirtyPixel

    Boot Feedback

    I'm totally a fan of using the right protection. That said, I recently did a barrel roll with my midfoot while wearing Forma's Adventure Boots. Zero breaks occurred; however, I sprained my foot so hard I haven't been able to put any pressure down for a few days now. Could this have been avoided with a different pair of boots?
  9. DirtyPixel

    AltRider's Taste of Dakar 2018

    Some photos here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/0gkwu91rgi2viem/AACOvndOF88oByAao-eak5SYa?dl=0
  10. DirtyPixel

    Taste of Dakar 2018

    After speaking with a few friends that are going... they are all trailering their bikes down. I live in Vegas, so I was just going to ride there... Did I miss something? Is that a bad idea? I'm not exactly tackling advanced or attempting any sweet jumps...
  11. DirtyPixel

    Taste of Dakar 2018

    I'll be going for the first time. Be gentle! Also, where is this cuddle puddle happening?
  12. DirtyPixel

    Hello from Nevada

    Oh? I'm bringing the Tigger so it was less. I'm also going to Big Bikes in Baja directly after class. I didn't hear about JL until after. Ideally I would have done that one first and then built upon it with RawHyde, or maybe it will feel the other way around? I'm bringing some cameras and whatnot too so I can share with the class. I'm also planning on Taste of Dakar and still need to squeeze a warm water scuba dive somewhere in this year. My itinerary is bigger than my bank account. This might be the part where I end up on Las Vegas Boulevard in leopard print and a pink mini skirt.
  13. DirtyPixel

    Hello from Nevada

    Someone else mentioned the JL class too! I plan on doing that one as well though it may be a little later due to budgetary constraints. I'm a firm believer in the student for life mentality. So much to see and learn! Why not from a legend?
  14. DirtyPixel

    Hello from Nevada

    Hi there! I've been quietly watching the forums and Instagram for a few months now. My name is Emily, and I live in the glorious glitter and shame that is Las Vegas. I've been riding since 2007. My first bike was an '06 Suzuki SV650s which became my only transportation for 5 of the 8 years I had her. I went bikeless for a few years (which obviously ruined my health and happiness), so I went out and bought a slightly-used '17 Triumph Tiger 800 XCA in late 2017. I had been looking at joining the ADV community for a while and specifically the Tiger, but I was gun-shy about about being hardcore enough. I also prefer having both feet on the ground, but I'm getting used to the good ol' Captain Morgan approach. So far any drops I've had have been the result of putting one of the wrong feet down, so I just generally try not to stop. I got lucky in that my tigger already had Barkbuster handguards and Triumph panniers. So far I've added or am waiting on the following: Continental TKC80s Rox Risers AltRider Crashbars AltRider Headlight Guard RAM Phone Mount (because how else will I find my way to Starbucks?) Stickers! (+5hp of course) So far I've only gone on 3 dirt rides and tooled around town (I let the stock Battle Wings hold me back after the first 2 dirt trails). I'm attending RawHyde's Level 1: Intro To Adventure Camp on the 23rd, so hopefully I'll have more confidence to adventure harder and more frequently!