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  1. Karoo Rider

    Hello from another South African.

    Thanks Eric, I'm Odd Dog on WildDogs.
  2. Over the festive season, leading a few visitors on a day ride in our part of the world. If you look on the left at 1min 24sec you can see the sign warning you that Lions roam freely here. Calitzdorp_to_Prince_Albert_with_Andy_from_the_UK..mp4 31 Dec 2017 Gondwana.mp4
  3. Karoo Rider

    Hello from another South African.

    Thank you, and whenever you decide to come over and you are in the Cape, Southern Cape and Karoo area give a shout I'll join you on part of your trip if you want some company.
  4. Karoo Rider

    Hello from another South African.

    Hello everyone I'm from the Southern Cape in South Africa a town by the name of Mossel Bay on the Garden Route which has fantastic riding areas on our doorstep. Keeping it short I have been riding motorcycles for 54 yrs now, what we refer to as an "old ballie" here. Did the Road, Motocross and Enduro thing when I was younger having done my last race when I was 56 then moved to Adventure riding. Presently I'm riding a 2007 R1200GS, I have also done some riding in Australia & Tasmania and would love to ride the USA, which might happen in 2 yrs time if all goes according to plan.