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  1. Thanks Eric, I'm Odd Dog on WildDogs.
  2. Over the festive season, leading a few visitors on a day ride in our part of the world. If you look on the left at 1min 24sec you can see the sign warning you that Lions roam freely here. Calitzdorp_to_Prince_Albert_with_Andy_from_the_UK..mp4 31 Dec 2017 Gondwana.mp4
  3. Thank you, and whenever you decide to come over and you are in the Cape, Southern Cape and Karoo area give a shout I'll join you on part of your trip if you want some company.
  4. Hello everyone I'm from the Southern Cape in South Africa a town by the name of Mossel Bay on the Garden Route which has fantastic riding areas on our doorstep. Keeping it short I have been riding motorcycles for 54 yrs now, what we refer to as an "old ballie" here. Did the Road, Motocross and Enduro thing when I was younger having done my last race when I was 56 then moved to Adventure riding. Presently I'm riding a 2007 R1200GS, I have also done some riding in Australia & Tasmania and would love to ride the USA, which might happen in 2 yrs time if all goes according to plan.