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  1. @puckstopperinc

    How to plan a big adventure

    WOW. Inspirational. A little crazy but inspirational.
  2. Another cool thing about the DCT is the paddle shifters. So you can operate the bike in manual mode selecting every gear yourself if you so desire. Hold a gear as long as you want.
  3. I am a novice rider with a DCT. It has greatly accelerated the learning curve. Made learning a big bike easier and more enjoyable. 30 or 40 years ago there was another group of purists quite similar to motorcycle riders. Only they drove cars and trucks. They said automatic transmissions were for sissy drivers that couldn't handle a stick shift. They would never own an automatic. Well 40 years or so later how many of them still have standards? Not many. This will be the destiny of motorcycles too. "Purists" will cling to their clutch lever saying "I'm a better rider because I have a clutch". In some cases (like mister Campbell) they may be better riders. But those with the Automatics will spend more time enjoying the ride. And that is why people will change. It will take time, purists have a hard time letting go of what they know and embracing something new. I spend a lot of time riding off-road. The DCT allows me to focus on my line choice and the beautiful scenery. No worries about which gear I'm in or what rpm I'm at. The ride is less work, more enjoyment. And in the end that is why we go out for a ride. p.s. The DCT will still goes plenty fast.