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  1. Summer is in full swing in western Canada
  2. This thread makes me feel like a hoarder. I have the Hennessy for bike camping if needed vs the tent , a regular eno type hammock w/o bug screen for the van and a pair of Eno Hanging chairs also for the van. Ps not my boat
  3. I’m sure you’ve seen the Hennessy Hammock 2wheeladv but it comes with the built in bug screen , and a rain cover you add on to it if you suspect rain. Add a set of the snake skins and you are packed up in a minute.
  4. I’m in the same boat I have both a Hennessy Hammock and a MSR Hubba Hubba and both have their benefits and drawbacks. I love the quick set up of the Hennessy with the use of the snake skins and only needing a light sleeping bag or my tiny down filled blanket as I only use it in summer temps. It has its own built in bug net and ran fly if needed. I always bring a garbage bag to cover my gear and boots if it’s raining. On the other hand I love my tent and the ability to bring my gear and stuff out of the elements when camping and tuck them in the vestibule. When I bring my tent I also bring my exped syn Matt 10 which is bulkier and my one larger convenience item. My good riding buddy and I laugh that we’ve spent thousands to live like Hobo’s on motorcycles. Great thread !!
  5. Excited to follow along , best of luck down there!
  6. More info , getting more excited to see this in person.
  7. Kurt Caselli Foundation Great people , great charity.
  8. I had the original Klim Adventure Rally suit and the main zipper after 3 years began to fail , I emailed Klim and they said send it in so I said I’m also getting wet through the crotch of the pants so I might as well send them along for the ride as well. 5 days later there is a box at my door step with brand new upgraded Adventure Rally pants and jacket. I was pretty excited that it was that painless but that was prior to Polaris buying them out. Sad to hear stories that aren’t that simple , I was very happy with the service and sorry now it’s not the same. I do wash just as instructed and re apply the water proof spray and throw it in the dryer on high to set it in. Still dry to this day years later.
  9. Is anyone else pretty excited to get their hands on one of these once they are released? I’ve run the old voyager on a smaller bike and it’s run without fail since I installed it. My current GPS is lacking for lots of things but I’ll need to know more about the Voyager Pro than is currently on the website.
  10. I feel better that it wasn’t last year , it was almost a total wash of a season. When you do head up let me know if you need some local insight.
  11. That must have been terrible with all the off-road fire bans last summer. I’d say a warranty road trip back up is in order. We headed south to just be able to ride anywhere that wasn’t paved at the start of September last year. Offroad bans came into place almost 2 months before that.
  12. Well I had a quick look and I see you have an open door Canadian policy. I live in Western BC and live to ride , I’m 43 years old , 40 of those years spent riding motorcycles or in some state of surgical recovery from riding motorcycles. I was bit by the adventure bug years ago, purchased one of the last available 2012 990R’s in Canada and I’ve been in love ever since. I still remember the day bringing it home to the garage and it just dwarfing all the other bikes in the room , and to this day it still does. Great Forum , thanks for doing it Eric and if you guys ever find yourself in BC and need a hand , pointed to some good routes , fix a bike , steal a part , change a tire or straight up need bike rescue PM me. Looking forward to lots of good reading.
  13. Well first post here , really enjoyed the Crested Butte Rally , burned back up to Canada and did the first Canadian KTM Rally and really enjoyed both but there was no faking the fact the Rally had grown roots and a great following in the USA. I’ll be back next year.
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