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  1. Daddy No Fun

    Garmin inReach Explorer+

    I have the original Delorme unit. Luckily I’ve never had to use it in an emergency. The one feature that puts this above a Spot is the ability to send text messages. Every night when we reached our campsite I send out a group text to everyone’s family letting them know we had made it. The new Garmin version has some additional improvements.
  2. Daddy No Fun

    Garmin Montana 600

    Great GPS but getting a bit dated. Next one will have Bluetooth
  3. Daddy No Fun


    These bags are great. I have a split set with the 35L on the left side and a 25L on the right. Very durable and waterproof. I had a crash doing about 30 mph on hard packed dirt in Colorado that left very minor scuff marks on the left bag. I’ve used these to carry groceries and ice back to a campsite. Then I used the inner bag as a makeshift cooler for a couple of days. Extremely well made bags that slip in and off the bike with ease.
  4. Daddy No Fun


    I pretty much lived out of this bag on the First Ride Up the Divide Trip. That was 15 days and over 3000 miles. On that trip I had it packed with my sleeping bag, matters pad, tent, chair, jacket, and a pair of shoes. The beaver tail even held a fire at one point. Mosko Moto makes a great product. You won’t be disappointed with this.
  5. Daddy No Fun

    Mosko Moto Nomad Tank Bag

    Newly installed and have only had one street ride with it. See my videos on it here, Unboxing and Set-up Install
    See my review here, http://www.caferacerpodcast.com/2018/01/05/cyclops-adventure-lighting-review/
  6. 1 review

    Full review can be found here: Cyclops Light Bar review at Cafe Racer Podcast This KTM 1090/1190/1290 ADV Kit offers our extremely popular combo beam light bar in a plug and play kit for the Big KTM. This does not fit the 2017 1290R, that product will be available shortly. Get your auxiliary light in a compact package that is out of the way and really does the job. Features 25-degree beam patterns in the outer two emitters, and 10-degree beam patterns in the center 4 emitters for great distance and field lighting. Operates from the factory high beam switch. - Plug and Play - 3000 Lumens - Color Temperature: 5800K - IP68 Rated - Lifetime Warranty Dimmable option available. Dim your LED light bar from off to 100% in 10% increments, all from the factory high beam switch.
  7. Daddy No Fun

    Mosko Moto Scout 60 Duffle

    Great duffle. Will fit my Redverz Expedition tent with some room left over. Can be a bit on the LARGE size!
  8. Daddy No Fun

    Black Dog Cycle Works Platform Footpegs

    These work great, big and wide. I have them in orange and they have a bottle opener on the ends!
  9. Daddy No Fun

    Rottweiler Performance Quick Flip Arrow Kit

    Great mirrors but pricey!
  10. Daddy No Fun

    Rottweiler Performance SAS Emissions Removal Stage 3

    Easy to install and removes a bunch of extra crap.
  11. Daddy No Fun

    Black Dog Cycle Works Skid Plates

    The stock belly pan for the 1290 is pretty worthless for off road travel. On the first day of the First Ride Up The Divide trip I hit a large rock in a dry riverbed in New Mexico. The impact sounded like a canon being fired. When I got into camp that night inspected the Black Dog plate for damage and found none. I am totally convinced that that impact would have cracked my engine case with the stock pan. The latest version is 3.0 and includes the sidestand relocation kit for the 1290.
  12. Daddy No Fun

    Black Dog Cycle Works Radiator Guards

    This one peice on the 1290 you can't afford to have damaged. Cheap Insurance.
  13. Daddy No Fun

    Rottweiler Performance Intake System Stage 3

    Checkout my Youtube video on the installation of this kit. I highly recommend this modification.
  14. Daddy No Fun

    KTM 1290 Super Adventure 2015

    Saying that I am in love with this bike would be an understatement. Out of all the motorcycles I have owned throughout the years, the 1290 SA has been my favorite. Modifications: Rottweiler Stage 3 Intake Kit Blackdog Skid Plate Cyclops LED Headlights Cyclops LED Lightbar Mosko Moto Backcountry Bags Blackdog Oil Cooler Guard Rottweiler Stage 2 SAS and Canister Delete Rottweiler CRG Mirros Rox Risers Sagent Custom Seats SW Motech Rear Master Cylinder Guard