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    New From Oregon, My Neighbor Referred me

    I have two (or 5), but 2 that are relevant: @tanukiart @pdxrid3r
  2. TanukiPDX

    New From Oregon, My Neighbor Referred me

    Oh what is your IG name? Interesting indeed. Awesome! I bet you had the time of your life! I cant wait to get down there! Lol, when people ask how i got the gs up some trails or remote as I have, I always respond "It is a lot easier on a GS than on an R1."
  3. So I have met this guy once or twice that lives down the street from me. I think he has a couple of Triumph Tigers, but it has been a few months since I last talked to him. Long story short, he pointed me to this site and told me it is where the cool kids hangout. A little about me, I am from Portland, Oregon, and ride a KTM 1290 SAR. I have a good amount of road riding/ racing under my belt, but am still pretty new to the ADV side of riding. In 2016 I decided that I really wanted to learn to ride ADV bikes so that I could eventually do a trip to South America, and maybe other parts of the world as well. I wasn't sure exactly which bike I wanted, but I was working for BMW and have always loved bmw bikes, so I bought an R1200GS to learn on. The learning curve was pretty steep. I threw some altrider crash bars on the bike and decided that anything that happened to the bike would be considered a part of the bike's destiny, and my learning experience. I took the bike to Browns Camp with the Anakee 3 tires and although it was a slippery mess, I was able to get around ok. I got a lot of funny looks riding that big bike through the single track trails in the Tillamook forest, but I really had a good time (even at 3mph all day long). The bike fell over a few times, but I figured out how to pick it back up, and I just kept on going. I repeated these trips to Browns Camp 3-4 times until I felt like I had a better grip of how to ride the iron giant through the woods. I also enlisted the help of Anakee Wild tires for subsequent trips, and felt the grip difference right away. During the summer of 2017, after a full year of sort of learning to ride the big GS through the dirt, I decided to tackle the WA and ID Backcountry Discovery Routes with my dad and two brothers. Three of the 4 of us were on big heavy GS's, while my younger brother took a Honda 650. The ride was challenging for four novices stumbling through the woods, but we worked together and had an incredible time. During the trip my bike took a couple of hard falls though, and when I finished, I decided I wanted to sell the bike and try something new. The GS sold within a week or so of listing, even with some light damage from tumbling down a couple of logging roads on the WABDR. With the bike sold, I was onto my next bike, the 2017 KTM 1090R. I chose the 1090R because it was a nice simple ADV bike with a lot of power, and slightly less weight than the Africa Twin or BMW R1200GS. The bike was a little tall for me, but I knew that I would eventually get used to it. I really enjoyed the KTM as it felt a bit more dirt oriented than the GS did as well. After months of planning, I decided to quit my job and ride to Argentina in October of 2017. The ride went well, but I only made it as far as Nicaragua before having an accident that would end my trip very prematurely. Last week I picked up a brand new 2017 KTM 1290 SAR for less than I paid for the 1090R new. I already put my parts from the 1090 on her, and even got in a nice ride on Monday! Eventually I will make another run at South America, but for now I need to just get local rides, camping trips, and money saving done I look forward to meeting you all! -Tanuki