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  1. Brian Croft

    Hello from PacNW

    Hello Katoom! Welcome
  2. Hey all! I'm pretty new to this ... and I hate to post what is certainly already be a dead horse topic on here and I know everyone has an opinion - BUT - I hoped I could get feedback from anyone who has recently done a street tour only loop on the 1290 SA-R with hard bags on this bike ... what tires do your recommend? It'll be Oregon/Idaho/Montana with plenty of time thru Glacier National Park. Zero off-road is planned since I'll be riding with friends on touring bikes and cruisers (most on H-D baggers and BMW K1600 B). I currently have the stock Conti TKC's on it with 1200 miles but no way they'll make it to the trip, say nothing about the trip! Bonus Karma for anyone replying with actual pics of your recommended tires, etc! LOL Thanks in advance for your help! Brian
  3. Brian Croft

    New inReach Mini from Garmin

  4. Brian Croft

    Post your XL offroad photos

  5. Brian Croft

    New KTM 1290 SA-R, any "must haves"?

  6. Brian Croft

    New KTM 1290 SA-R, any "must haves"?

  7. Brian Croft

    New KTM 1290 SA-R, any "must haves"?

  8. Brian Croft

    New KTM 1290 SA-R, any "must haves"?

    Hey there! Welcome to the 1290 SAR! It's an amazing machine. For me... Skid plate - Check! I got the KTM Hardparts one and it seems to give fine protection for the money. Touring windscreen - Check! I went with Puig clear touring one and it's great on road. Bags - Check! I've got a couple Giant Loop small ones including the handlebar bag and tail bag. I just ordered Givi hard bags and top case for longer tours, mostly street will prob revert back to minimal soft bags or just top case if doing local off-road heavy jaunts. Seat - if you don't love that new seat, I'd recommend getting 1 (or 2 for you & 2up!) WildAss air cushions. There's even a special purchase deal on this site for them. Grips - I got the KTM Hardparts heated grips but haven't put them in yet since it's getting to be nicer weather for riding. On my to-do list ... Slip on exhaust! ? I love the way the Wings setup sounds as well as the Arrow, based on some in-person and YouTube clips. Enjoy!
  9. Brian Croft

    Hello from Africa by way of Colorado!

    Wow, amazing trip. Enjoy and welcome!
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    XLADV Project 990! $14k 28k miles

    Then onto a freshie and 3 years getting it how it should be?
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    Howdy from Denver!

    Welcome - from one n00b to another!
  12. Brian Croft

    Wild Ass XLADV Member Deal

    Glad to help ?
  13. Brian Croft

    Post your XL offroad photos

  14. Brian Croft

    Post your XL offroad photos

    Oregon, Tillamook National Forest, Diamond Mill OHV area on this 1st day of spring. My first time ever there... Cool place VID_234650701_014938_916.mp4
  15. Brian Croft

    Wild Ass XLADV Member Deal

    hey elron, I have ridden all 3 types of these pads... the highest end of price ($200+) is "classic" models the classic is neoprene rubber and costs most to produce. it's said to have best feel since it has more stretch/flex and better shock/vibe absorption qualities. this is the build that the other air cushion company was made popular for but quit producing a couple years ago due to (I believe) high material and labor cost to build. the lowest priced (~$100) version is the "lite" models the lite is a polyurethane material and is least expensive to produce. its material is not as flexible so it's limited in it's absorption capabilities and what it transmits to rider. the sort-of Goldilocks priced ($175) version is "airgel" models this one is polyurethane with gel embedded in the final portion of the cushion so it is supposed to be best of both worlds (air for adjustability & gel for absorb quality) I think for me the differences and considerations, end up: the classic / neoprene is definitely the cushion that provides the best ability to contour to my backend best, at a wider level of inflation (or really deflation). by that, I find that it isn't as particular to air level to feel cushy and contoured to me, rather than feel like I'm sitting on an inflated device. I still need it to be at ambient pressure and then I still fold over the pad on itself and remove any trapped air from all but like 3 or 4 cells... important but true with all of these air cushions. the lite model is definitely the killer value. with as many things on these bikes as we have on our wish list at any point in time, if the long rides could be better comfort-wise for you - or - you do 2up and need to buy a couple ... I'd say the lite is maybe the best option for any budget conversation, since unless you've ridden the higher priced stuff, these are awesome at $99. the airgel - for me - is my favorite. when removing most of the air from it (making them feel totally flat with a basic put your hand on it on the seat test) you can get it all the way down to no air trapped in any cell and still be on a nice vibe absorbing gel material. one that should be better than typical gel pads since it still has small air channels between cells to let the air move and not get so hot as gel pads are sort of notorious for. I have not yest ridden the airgel in hot temps but it's the one I'd buy for best all around performance for the money... Again, I don't work for the company ... but I do know the owner and he isn't on these forums ... so I'm glad to be a bit of go-to for questions and my personal evaluation of them but I'm not exactly an expert in this product. I'd say durability is the same for all 3 builds but maybe over time the highest priced one (classic aka neoprene) should remain more pliable and potentially last longer due to that. Hope it helps! Brian