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  1. Thank you for the welcome! Good stuff! Having grown up in Utica area (actually Sauquoit, NY) I do miss that scenery for riding but I'm pretty certain the NW had a bit of an edge on it ... if for no other reason than the less frigid temps here vs NE! πŸ˜‰ I've been busy with work and haven't quite gotten as many rides on my bike as I'd like. I see that changing soon as the weather is about to get perfect here - so I'll definitely keep ya posted how it's working ... or maybe more like how it's working me! πŸ˜‚ After this summer, I should know exactly what I'm capable on it. πŸ‘
  2. In hindsight, it may be worth mentioning that when I was first considering seat/pad/cover options that I was immediately concerned that it'd make my already very tall bike, much too tall (2017 KTM 1290 Super Adventure R) The reality is that you run these seat pads NEARLY FLAT so it's not an issue in the way I had first imagined. You not only DON'T air it UP, you actually reduce the amount of ambient air within the cushion by rolling flat most all of the cells. I guess there is a slight learning curve for this sort of product, in that way, that isn't always discovered at first. Just thought I'd include that for anyone looking for a solution to long rides, sensitive backsides or combo of those things πŸ˜‰πŸ‘ Again, I don't work for the company but I'm a believer in this product if you do long hauls or just run into pressure point pain issues while riding - or even sitting at a desk.
  3. Haha thank you! It's the new "want to see my kids?" photo! πŸ˜‚
  4. Hey all, A good buddy of mine owns Wild Ass Air Cushions - a company offering an air cell seat pad to the motorcycling community designed to eliminate pressure points while on long rides. I don't work for him but have been a proponent of these pads since I learned about them and used them on a motorcycle. You can learn more about these pads online as well as buy or order at any local motorcycle shop. I encouraged him to offer up a special something to members of this sort of community because you're normally able to get some sort of special deal somewhere on the products you by. He's loaded a coupon code into his online store here: Coupon code at checkout is: WA2018XLADV This code on his site gets you 10% off, shone extra stickers and free shipping in the United States. If any basic (non-technical) questions, feel free to reply here, message me or hit up @therealwtherealwildass on Instagram or other social media as he's pretty responsive there. Thanks! Brian
  5. Whoa ... maybe I'll wait a bit before asking to get my software updated!
    Really nice tail pack for my 1290 SAR. I got it mounted up in a few minutes (although after posting on social media, was made aware there is a more sano way to mount the straps). Holds secure and is my go-to spot for glasses or Scott goggle change-outs, extra gloves and a drink & energy bar. Killer deal on it too at around 100 bucks.
  6. 1 review

    Klamath Tail Rack Pack $109.00 NEW 2018 PRICE! Was $170 – Now Just $109 (includes waterproof Dry Pod liner) β€œThe Klamath works great. I keep it packed with all my tools and transfer it to whatever bike I’m riding. I even flew to Canada with it.” β€” Quinn Cody Like a tank bag for the rear of the motorcycle, the low-profile Klamath Tail Rack Pack keeps gear organized and easily accessible, securing to virtually any motorcycle tail rack, Giant Loop’s Siskiyou Panniers, many fender designs β€” as well as integrating with Giant Loop’s MoJavi Saddlebag. The 4-liter soft luggage case features a zipper-less nested clamshell design inspired by classic motorcycle rally racing packs. Includes waterproof inner liner Dry Pod. Made in USA and constructed with military-spec materials, the Klamath Tail Rack Pack is backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Mounting options include 2 Forward Tension Mounting Straps (36β€³ adjustable/removable), 4 Fender/Rack Hook Mounting Straps and 1 Webbing Mounting Strap (36β€³). Riders can use various combinations to suit a broad spectrum of motorcycle make/models, and tail rack designs. The Klamath Tail Rack Pack also can used in conjunction with Giant Loop’s MoJavi Saddlebag, mounting in top center position.
  7. Thanks Pete! Yeah there's plenty to learn - I've been a dirtbike guy and now it's like I'm piloting the space shuttle! LOL
  8. Haha yeah! Thanks WarpedRotor!
  9. Hey, thank you Sam! I went and found your page on IG and followed with both mine. I'll totally ping ya if headed to NorCal! 😊
  10. Thanks Rapid Dog!
  11. Thanks Eric!
  12. Also, I have a couple Instagram pages where I try to post fun things I see in my travels (or funny moto things) @adv_tribe (just ADV stuff) @powersports_stuff (various stuff from dealer visits and other) If anyone has any recommended IG pages for me to check out, please let me know!
  13. Hi all. I'm in the Portland, Oregon area and recently acquired myself a beautiful 1290 Super Adventure R. I grew up in NY (upstate, Utica area) and loved minibikes, ATC and ATVs. Rode yards, pastures, woods and dare I say it ... snowmobile trails in my Carhart coveralls! I did some hare scramble races on a Honda CR80 at 14-15 years old but at that age, I only cared about the "moto" section of each hare scramble track. Lol. I guess the rest of the track was just me trail riding... moto was where I wanted to be, all young and full of pi$$ and vinegar. Worked summers on a golf course and saved up, along with my parents matching funds, stepped into the big-time and got a used 1988 CR250. I remember shaking after I rode that bike the first time (freshly off a 1987 CR80!) It might as well have been a 10,000cc. I was immediately hooked on big boy displacement. Raced CNYMRA, Central NY MX series from 1989 thru 1992 in the 250 class. Won their 250/open Novice championship, (then moved to a 1991 KX250) won the 250B series the next season and then moved up and placed well in a small northeast 250 Expert class. I stopped racing to work full time and go to community college. I figured I wasn't going to get a factory ride or anything and with money tight, my knees and my back always hurt, I wanted a break. Worked a few jobs but wasn't all that fired up about any of them ... until an old friend offered me a job as a service writer at a Yamaha dealership in Lewisville, Texas (North Texas Yamaha, just north of DFW metro). Moved there around 1998/1999 thinking I could talk about motocross for a living! Lol. Turns out, there's a little more to working in the motorcycle business than just chatting about motocross! Worked at several shops in the DFW area (mostly parts dept and parts manager) until 2005 when I got a gig as South/Central Sales & Marketing Territory guy for Scott USA & Acerbis. Finally - the job where I got to talk about dirtbikes and gear all day! Logged a lot of miles On my Nissan Frontier over two years doing that. Covered states of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas and New Mexico. It was my dream job (pay plan aside). I cold called shops all day, demo'd new goggle builds, explained foam configurations and if I was lucky, gave a parts manager a free pair of "No Sweats" to try out. The job was all about dominating market share in my region, however that needed to happen. We didn't sell direct so any sales were handed over on a silver platter to the Scott or Acerbis distributor rep of the dealer's choice... not a bad deal for them! I held many ride day events of my own and it really hit me then what a universal communication method riding with people was. Scott USA killed their rep program but I got a new gig immediately at Honda, as a DSM in the NW. After I accepted the job, I realized I'd have to trade in my Yamaha YZ450F and KTM 250XC for a red bike... My Honda District Manager territory was in Oregon & Idaho, so I left Texas for here. Moved to Portland area in 2007 and been here ever since. Since Honda, I've done a couple other things including being a territory rep again for Scott USA (now Scott Sports), manager at Fly Racing, rep for National Powersports Auctions (NPA) and now have been at Cycle Trader for 3 years. Good news is that I love what I do, even after 20 years in nearly all aspects of the powersports business. Bad news is that I'm constantly looking at motorcycles and dreaming of the next! Lol. I'm married with kids and have a 2001 CR250 & XR50 that collect dust and recently picked up a 2017 KTM Super Adventure 1290 R to get back out riding. Short list of things I'm planning for it: skid plate, bigger pegs, upgraded bark busters, KTM MYRIDE (?), bags, ... etc, etc, etc... LOL Really looking forward to getting it dirty this year. Anyone in my neck of the woods (I'm in Washington County) feel free to hit me up and show me the cool ADV rides/spots! Thanks for having me in the forum. Look forward to chatting with other ADV folk. Brian
    I'm Super Pumped like Ryan Dungey! πŸ˜‚