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  1. Woonjas

    Harley Davidson Pan America

    The Streetfighter concept actually looks like it's from this century. As far as the PanAm goes, do something with that fugly front fairing and they might be getting somewhere.
  2. Woonjas

    Did Rev It Step in It?

    Of course, but there is a large number out there who do.
  3. Woonjas

    Did Rev It Step in It?

    That's pretty much what it is. In Europe people mostly hear/read about the crazies. And if that's all you hear, you'll start to believe that everybody is as dumb as can be. Hell, even the president comes across as not playing with a full deck.
  4. Woonjas

    Hello from the Magnolia State

    Just slightly :-)
  5. Woonjas

    Hello from the Magnolia State

    Checking in from Canton. Kinda quiet here, guess there's not that many adv riders (or opportunities) in Ole Miss.