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    Did Rev It Step in It?

    Hi guys, I want to sincerely apologize for the comment I made. It was really stupid and I am very sorry. This comment was my own and in no way represents the opinion of REV’IT! and has nothing to do with the company. The comment was taken out of context from a heated personal facebook discussion about automatic machinegun laws after the florida shooting. I should have never used those words in this discussion. I have been apologizing personally by e-mail and facebook to all the people I offended with this comment. I feel very bad about this. REV’IT! has a US headquarters, distribution center and many US employees. The gear is top notch and we work very hard to keep our customers well protected on their bike. Please don’t be angry at REV’IT! but please focus your anger on my private person. I am to blame not REV’IT! I visited the US last year and I loved it. I am a big fan of the US and would love to explore more of your country. All the people I met where very nice and they certainly did not deserve their country to be called retarded. Please accept my personal apology. regards, Roderik