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  1. ADVLite

    KTM Rally 2018 Park City, UT

    To be completely honest I think you're overreacting a bit Eric. I wouldn't sweat the issue of not being comp'd to attend. There could be a lot of reasons why they aren't comp'ing you such as your following may not be the market they are trying to attract etc. Also, in my opinion the best reviews are done on products and services that you pay for out of your own pocket. That has been my experience at least and I've done a lot of each. Good luck at the event and I look forward to seeing how it goes for you.
  2. ADVLite

    XLADV Mojave National Preserve 2018

    Who had a blast this weekend?! I know I did! Rolled in around 230pm on Friday. Unloaded, setup camp and took off on my Beta 500 and Matt Norton on his CRF250L around 4pm. We started off taking the intermediate 3 track in hopes to find some fun sand washes and we sure did! We ended up bypassing the southwestward turn to the rest of Int. 3 and headed toward the Mojave trail. On the way to the Mojave trail we came across a forest that seemed to be in the middle of nowhere. What a cool area we thought so we decided to rip up the trail and see how high we could get. We ended up on a bluff that was overlooking rocks that were flipping us off. We then got to the Mojave trail and really opened the bikes up and came across the rock cabin. Matt recently did the entire Mojave trail and saw the cabin so only I went up to look at it. It was pretty cool...so cool I wish I lived there! ? After that we hit a two track trail southward. By this time it was about 545pm so we were trying to head back to catch the 6pm dinner. Well, 6pm came and went after hitting some sandy two track, that turned into a sandy single track and going a little farther south than we thought. At this point we were off GPS tracks so I was just leading us in the general direction of the camp. We got back to camp just in time to grub! It was DELICIOUS! Saturday morning we got up, geared up, topped off our bikes and headed out. We had a noob with us and wanted to see some of the scenic route so it was recommended to us that we do the easy adventure loop. It was a very scenic ride but too much highway for my liking. We stopped at a gold mine processing mill outside of Primm and found some amazing artwork. We were there a while and then headed back to camp via some two track. That's when things got interesting and I found myself in a full on drag race down a two track trail with @Bip Schkaboden on his GS. That was probably the most fun the entire day for both of us. We were hitting speeds around 70-75mph down the two track and we couldn't stop smiling after we got to the main road. We then headed back to camp. Sunday was great! Stephen Gregory offered to everyone some action shots out on the trail. It happened to only be me, Evan Brown and Matt Norton who took advantage of it. We had a great time and I think he was able to get some great shots. Overall the trip was a blast and I hope to do it again next year!
  3. ADVLite

    Spring '18 Rally

    I dont think anything can be that difficult for our Betas on this ride. It is a big bike ride after all!
  4. ADVLite

    Spring '18 Rally

    Guess I won't be the only Beta out there! Good to hear!
  5. ADVLite

    Spring '18 Rally

    Excited to be coming out! I'll be on my "light" adv bike! I just got a new Baja Designs squadron pro headlight so I'm hoping some might be down for a night ride!
  6. ADVLite

    Hello XLADV Riders

    Thank you!
  7. ADVLite

    Hello XLADV Riders

    That's the ride I mentioned in my original post! Can't wait for that ride since it'll be my first time through the preserve! I signed up last night! Look forward to meeting you Eric!
  8. ADVLite

    Hello XLADV Riders

    Hi all, My name is Garrett and I'm new to the forum here. Looking forward to attending the Mojave National Preserve ride in May on my '18 Beta 500RR-S that I'm working to "adventurize." Look forward to meeting some of you on the ride! You may also know me from the SoCal Dual Sport Riders FB page that I help admin. Anyway, see you on the trails!