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  1. Sure thing Eric, the next time you see me, the bike & I will have some upgrades
  2. Thanks again Eric for organizing this event and giving me a ride! Before my little mishap, I was having a great time and was feeling pretty good on the XR650L which I had just bought two days before. I learned a couple important things on this trip and met some great people in this XLADV community. The Update on my injuries: After taking a long soak in a hot bath with Epsom and Dead Sea salts last night, which really helped, I Ubered to the Sharp Memorial ER. They tested my range of motion and the doc said that I still had good stability, so didn't appear that I tore any ligaments. Also took several x-rays and incredibly, they said that the X-rays were perfect, no breaks or fractures, just soft tissue trauma, which they said I should heal from pretty quick. If still have significant pain 7 days from now then go back, but I hope that won't be the case. They gave me three painkillers last night. One shot in each shoulder and a pill. Finally got some relief, but woke up this morning sore as hell and had to get my ass up to go to the pharmacy for the prescription. Ridiculous that they don't have same day delivery, but I made my way there and got a couple of goodies that will hopefully get me by. Even though my trip didn't end the way I hoped for myself, it still was a great trip and had a some great takeaways: 1. ATGATT - All The Gear All The Time Protect yourself the best you can with the proper gear. You won't always escape injury, but a couple bruises here and there is better than broken bones and being in the hospital any day of the week! 2. Honk Before You Pass! Honk your horn, rev your engine scream and do whatever you need to do to make your presence known before you pass up the rider in front of you, so they don't cut you off when you gun it to pass. 3. Saw a lot of great bikes and mods that I could use on my two bikes to turn them into bigger and better fun machines! 4. Last, but not least, I discovered a great community with people from all over that love to share their passion of riding, help each other and have fun. I look forward to the ride up in the High Sierras in August! Until then, ride safe and with a big fat smile on your face :-)
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